Binsulong the puzzling game

I saw Binsulong (other names: Inuang Dazang,¬†Teka Teki Puteri) in a festival and was fascinated by it. Binsulong is a traditional game of Kadazandusun people. There is a string “trapped” inside the double-loop rattan spiral and you need to pull it out without cutting the string. At first look, I thought it was impossible!

Binsulong puzzle
In contrast to time-killer computer games, Binsulong really needs brain to work out the puzzle, so it’s a game makes kids smarter. PlayStation and Internet make your kids stupider, as told by researchers. Tell me, what does your kid learn from playing Angry Bird and Diablo III?

structure of Binsulong
You may use the diagram to make one Binsulong for yourself. It is easy to make and costs almost nothing, only 3 elastic sticks, a string and a few rubber bands needed.

solving Binsulong
kids trying Binsulong
Both kids and adults were trying Binsulong, but most were stuck and gave up.

Binsulong solved
Then an expert came and solved the puzzle. He did it in only a few seconds, so fast that I couldn’t see the steps. I requested him to do it slowly step-by-step so I can record it on video (see below):

Next time probably you can bring a Binsulong to pub to ask the chicks to try it out. When their half-drunk brain can’t work, you can impress them with your mastery of Binsulong. It’ll look like a magic. Who knows you will get some, LOL.

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However, the most valuable lesson Binsulong teaches me is – there are many things seem impossible in our life. Try to think out of the box, get around the obstacle and you will succeed. Nowadays, people are spoiled with choices and they give up too soon.

Below are the step-by-step instructions in pictures, if the video above doesn’t help:

steps to solve Binsulong

Become an expert already? Ok, now put the string back to the middle, hahaha. That is also tough.

Photos taken in Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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