Unduk Ngadau, Putatan

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My grandmother is a Dusun from Putatan district, so I am curious how a Putatan beauty looks like. Finally I got a chance to see their Unduk Ngadau Competition on May 21 in Dewan Serbaguna Putatan. It took me quite a long time to find the hall, and I don’t remember how I got there. Only know that it is somewhere near Pasir Putih Road. The road at Putatan is very confusing.

Unduk Ngadau
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The “official” district-level Unduk Ngadau is selected based on political constituency, like the one used in Sabah election. For this one, they were selecting the Unduk Ngadau to represent Petagas district. You may see other Unduk Ngadau Competition organised by Wisma Merdeka and other shopping complexes. These are the unofficial and “play play” one coz the winners cannot join the State-Level grand Unduk Ngadau Competition (I think).

Unduk Ngadau
Click Here to see photos of Unduk Ngadau (Putatan) >>

There were 10 to 11 times of power trips during the programme, very bad. However, I still managed to get some good pictures of 14 contestants. Contestant no. 7 never showed up so I don’t have her photo.

2 thoughts on “Unduk Ngadau, Putatan

  1. Yes, the unofficial and “play play” Unduk Ngadau competitions cannot join the State-Level grand Unduk Ngadau Competition; but it doesnt mean they are any less beautiful/talented than the contestants of the “official” competition.

  2. aku asal sabah tapi pindah keindonesia so pasti sabah is the best lahbah smoga berhasil apek&so pasty senario

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