Unduk Ngadau, Penampang

I had to make a choice. On May 20, there were 5 places (namely, Penampang, Beaufort, Tambunan, Sandakan, Papar) got Unduk Ngadau Competition. This time the choice was easy. Penampang to Sabah is like Ipoh to Malaysia, a place “produces” the most KadazanDusun beauties. FYI, the Unduk Ngadau 2005 (Sabah State Level oh, not district level like this one) is from Penampang.

Unduk Ngadau
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My photo-shooting session was difficult. Due to a stupid videoman shooting in front, no photographer could get nearer than 30 feet to the stage. I was chased away (though I didn’t block the view) by the security guards like a dog. Nevermind lah, already get used to it liao. Luckily, some photos turn up quite ok. There were 31 contestants so the competition was stiff. Don’t play play.

Unduk Ngadau
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Same as other Kaamatan shows, it started with a group of KadazanDusun seniors doing the Magavau ceremony to summon, appease and recover Bambarayon, the Spirit of Rice, followed by some singing and dance performances. FYI, there are over 40+ districts (e.g. Kudat, Ranau, Lahad Datu, Keningau, Semporna…) in Sabah organise local Unduk Ngadau Competition, to select the Unduk Ngadau that represents their district. By the end of May, these 40+ district-level “small” Unduk Ngadau will compete for the “BIG” Sabah State-Level Unduk Ngadau.

Unduk Ngadau
Click Here to see 100+ photos of Unduk Ngadau (Penampang) >>

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12 thoughts on “Unduk Ngadau, Penampang

  1. wow…madelynn u are the preetiest of all the contestants..jugala..very cute…but i’m wondering why one of the contestant using lotud costume there..look really wierd…heheh…and why the penampang winner this time not that tall??but..of course the winner of penampang district cute also..nice smile..so sweet..

  2. penampang 2006 unduk ngadau vs 2005 unduk ngadau? aiyoo…no contest! but i think it was just the right mix of luck, timing and cosmetics that you snapped her at her best.

    i think the guy with the sword is the keeper of the skulls, direct descendant of monsopiad, the 18th century headhunter

  3. I have seen Madelynn (Unduk Ngadau 2005 – Sabah) a few times. She is pretty, not just on the photo. 🙂

  4. moanster: can’t be, she’s only 20 this yr.

    smokehead: you and everybody else might want to check this site out: http://www.kadusmusic.com – it has 3 high resolution photos for each of the 45 unduk ngadau finalists. So high, and non-photoshopped that you can see their flaws 😉 The photos were taken by my friend gogds, an amateur photographer, but using a pro level Nikon D70 DSLR.

  5. pinolobu, wah, nice job being done by your friends. probably i dun need to post mine anymore. 🙂

  6. smokehead/admin: he’s a good photographer, but you’re better at giving commentaries 🙂 so both need to continue doing what they do best

  7. I was with smokehead at Hyatt during the registration of the contestants. After a while, I lost track which contestants I haven’t photographed yet. Smokehead helped me a lot. Thanks smokehead!

  8. gogds, you might consider using the defuser or use bounce light next time, or get some softboxes, with nice padifield and gunung kinabalu as the backdrop and shoot raw for easy correction in the future. If you need any of those mentioned, do contact me at jst.graphics@yahoo.com for next year’s project. I don’t mind doing together with you. From my past experience, using direct flash usually doesn’t work for faces with extreme makeup.

    I’ve taken several projects of Ratu Perpaduan and Duta Perpaduan in the past and have always told some of those makeup artist to apply their makeup under white light instead of yellow, the results are, those who listen will have a natural colored makeup under the camera’s flash. Those who don’t get a dark and grey coloured face under our flashes.

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