Open Toilet

For Sabahans, such toilet is not something new. Most of us probably have used it before. It is the only toilet that you can enjoy sea vew while doing your business. You also can see a lot of fishes open their mouth wide, waiting under you. Sometimes you can see crab eats crap too.


Before you want to swim in the sea or river which is not near to a tourist site, you better check and make sure no such toilet nearby.

7 thoughts on “Open Toilet

  1. If i’m not wrong, i had seen this kind of toilet in kg. pantai bahagia, it mr. smokehead?

  2. Once upon a time I fished at open toilet as you mentioned a lot of fish open up their mouths for the droppings from above !!!!!!!!

  3. kudat, i tried fishing in such toilet too. lot of fishes. using the open toilet is cool. when we shit, we can enjoy the seabreeze blowing our holes.

  4. The fish u see underneath is well-known as Ikan GoalKeeper. A friend told me that one day, they were having a “ikan panggang” gathering. While cutting the fish stomach before sprinkling it with belacan & lemon…. guess what they found inside the fish stomach..?

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