Kebaya Beauty Pageant, Putatan

Abu Bakar Bernas has organised the Miss Kebaya more than 3 times, but I never saw one. This time it is in Putatan (next to Bestmart Hypermarket) today. Finally I can get some photos and share with you all. Abu Bakar was there to perform too. I heard that this is only a regional competition. Later they will have a grand final that all the regional Miss Kebaya will participate, to select the best of the best.

Miss Kebaya

The Kebaya costume beauty pageant is something new to me. The Kebaya dress is so elegant that it has a “magical” effect of doubling your femininity. Unlike the Chinese Cheong Sam (Qi Pao), if you don’t have a “Oriental” face and slim figure, it will look funny on you.

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🙁 I got heavy flu and has been sick since last week. Actually I wanted to go home already when I arrived Putatan, coz I felt a bit dizzy and weak. I am recovering and feel better, but still got running nose problem that makes me breathe with mouth. I always rely on my natural immunse system to fight minor sickness. Tomorrow I got work to do, so I have to surrender my “pride” and take medicine. I am going to bed now..

Photos taken in Putatan, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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