Double Six Monument

Double Six Crash

6th June 2009, I was standing in Double Six Monument, the exact spot where a Nomad aircraft crashed 33 years ago. On 6th June 1976, this plane was on the way from Labuan to KK International Airport. For uncertain reason, the plane plunged into coastline of Sembulan and killed all 11 passengers onboard.

Double Six

Those who perished were Chief Minister of Sabah at that time, Tun Fuad Stephens, ministers like Datuk Peter Mojuntin (Local Government and Housing), Datuk Salleh Sulong (Finance), Datuk Chong Thain Vun (Communication and Works), Datuk Darius Binion (Finance Ministry Permanent Secretary), Datuk Wahid Andu, Dr Syed Hussein Wafa, assigned bodyguard Corp. Mohd Said, Ishak Atan (Tengku Razaleigh’s personal secretary), pilot Captain Ghani Nathan and Fuad’s eldest son, Johari.

Double Six

Memorial service is carried out in this monument annually on 6-6. Though I was not a grow-up in 1976, that can’t stop me from wandering why this happened. Besides the list of victims and date of crash, there is so little background information behind this tragedy.

Double Six

However, the elder generation, who had experienced the shock of losing their beloved leaders, still cannot forget the pain until today. Half of the cabinet died.

Double Six

None of them believe that the crash was an accident. During that time (you can call it a coincidence) there was disagreement and tension between Sabah and the federal governments about the oil royalty and Sabah’s rights. Tun Fuad Stephens wanted to fight for 25% of the oil royalty, a huge difference with the 5% we get today.

Double Six

What convinced Sabahans more that it was a political murder is – a politician, who was supposed to take the same flight, didn’t go onboard. After he gained power later, the government was so generous to accept the rip-off 5% oil royalty deal.

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Double Six

Anyway, that is just guessing without any proof. I just describe what they thought at that time. Whether it was an accident or conspiracy, this will remain the biggest mystery in Sabah history. The memory is fading out. Only a few politicians and victim’s families come for yearly remembrance now.

Double Six

Well, I was just there to remember these past elites who were so bold, in contrast to our boneless-chicken YBs who have become the gut-less Yes-Men to anything that against Sabahan interests. It is not difficult to understand why some federal ministers have become so arrogant and indifferent when dealing with us. Just see some cases like the prohibited use of word “Allah”, cabotage policy, hospital and coal plant.

Double Six

According to newspaper (Nov 2009), “The Golden Son of the Kadazans”, a biography on former State Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Peter J. Mojuntin who died in the “Double 6” tragedy of June 1996, is among books still banned today. …According to the Home Ministry, the book written by Bernard Sta Maria, was banned on June 22, 1978 because it contained elements that could threaten peace and order…

You can watch this video for more in-depth documentary

Photos taken in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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  1. i think this is not an ACCIDENT , this is a conspiracy that has been plan by the federal GOVERNMENTS. WE MUST BRING SABAH OUT FROM “MALAYSIA” WE CAN BE ONE SABAH, ONE PEOPLE, AND ONE NATION !!! SABAH FOR SABAH !!! WE MUST LIVE INDEPENDENT!!!

      1. you just afraid to protect your own nation..if you love will willing to die protecting her…not let others nation destroy it slowly…you are not a pure sabahan… be like our great-great grandmother&father that willing to die protecting their own nation

    1. These some insident involving GAF NOMAD…Please don’t blame the aircraft….On 6 June 1976, Tun Fuad Stephens, the first chief minister of Sabah, Malaysia, plus 10 others, died in the crash of a Nomad in the state capital, Kota Kinabalu.
      On 4 May 1987, a Nomad of the Indonesian Naval Aviation Unit, PUSPENERBAL crashed at the Mapur Island, Bintan area, Riau Province. The aircraft was a total loss.
      On 9 September 1991, an Australian Army N22B Nomad crashed near Drake in northern NSW with the loss of 4 people, including the pilot.
      On 10 February 2001, Gum Air’s N24A Nomad (PZ-TBP) crashed on a flight from Paramaribo – Zanderij (Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport PBM/SMJP) to Njoeng Jacob Kondre Airstrip SMJK. The aircraft had fallen out of radio contact, and personnel at the airstrip in Jacob Kondre said it was flying low, and crashed into a mountain. All 9 passengers plus the pilot perished.[12]
      On 30 December 2007, a PENERBAL Nomad crashed in the area of We island, Nangroe Aceh Darussalam Province.
      On 7 September 2009, a Nomad of the Indonesian Naval Aviation Unit, PENERBAL, crashed in the area of Bulungan, East Borneo. The aircraft was on a routine patrol near Ambalat Oil Block. The accident caused the fatality of one Naval officer, plus three civilians on board. The pilot and copilot received serious injuries.
      On 28 January 2010, a Nomad of the Philippine Air Force (PAF) crashed shortly after take-off into a residential area in Cotabato City, killing Maj. Gen. Butch Lacson, commander of the PAF 3rd Air Division, plus seven other officers on board.[13

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