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It is always interesting to browse the Sabah web sites coz I can see many funny stuffs. I had been in web design field for many years, so I just list a few common mistakes of the Sabah web sites below for fun. To give “face” to the webmasters and their management, I purposely blur the names of the web sites in the pictures below.

1) “Launch and Death”
I strongly advise you don’t invite those toothless Datuk to launch your web sites. Once the web site is launched, it dies. I have no idea whether the organisations invite the Datuk to KILL the web site or invite them to launch a MEMORIAL. Once the launch button is clicked, the web site will not change for many years, as if it is for display and launching purposes only. There is totally no maintenance. Even if it is down for months, also nobody knows. The web site has become a death town, no activity, no visitor…

2) Online Grave
Very often I see Sabah web sites that are not up-to-date. Some playing the same annoying Flash that can’t be skipped, for many years. I e-mailed to them, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month… no reply. Hey! Are you building a online grave for your company HUH? It has no life, no update, no response, like nobody running it. If it is not a grave, what is it?
Web Site

3) Junk Content
WHO CARE about your organisation chart, vision, mission statement, director speech, and history? The famous hacker, Kevin D. Mitnick, mentioned in his book “The Art of Deception”, he loved to trick the operator to send him a copy of org chart. He will learn the internal structure of that company, then acts like their employee, to steal more information. The hackers will be very happy to know that most Sabah government departments love to publish their org chart online. Wow! Some even got photos. Keep your Carta Organisasi in your Intranet please.
Web Site

4) Only Sabah Got Internet
Some webmasters think that only Sabah got Internet, so the listed phone numbers also don’t have country code, some even don’t have area code. Probably they think only KK got Internet. Some Sabah web sites do not have the word “Sabah” or “Malaysia” in their postal address and web pages. That’s why sometimes it is quite hard to identify a Sabah web site.

5) Under Construction Forever
If you don’t plan to build it, do not indicate you will build it. There are many web sites display the animated “Under Construction” banner for years.
Web Site

5 thoughts on “Sabah Web Sites

  1. Sad, thats just sad *shakes head*

    Also, the sites looks like they’ve been done by some high school student. They really should kick their standards up a notch. But I really cannot complain cos I dunno much HTML myself hahahah!

  2. its kinda sad izzit not? as professionals, some people just have web sites just because the boss tought it was a good idea. a website is good is as its contents.. like yours ^_^

  3. Content is the King, Presentation is the Queen. Luckily I know a bit of HTML and Photoshop so I can slightly spice up the site. Emily, maybe I can have a private class for you, haha.. 🙂

    True. There are many web sites in Sabah but less than 10% of them are updated at least weekly. I know many friends how do web design business. The web site maintenance package can’t sell. The customers are only willing to pay for the web site startup design fee. After that, they expect you to update for them FOC forever. The customers don’t pay and the web designer are not happy to do free stuff, so you can most of the Sabah web sites are like what I say, a online grave.

  4. This is rather embarassing. A friend of mine is a penolong pegawai in a district council, and the government actually sent them for web publishing course about 2 years ago, with allowance. The state government paid RM700 per officer for the two weeks course and what did they got? Nada..

    You should go look at more government sites.. junks all over the page, and you get almost nothing.. ntah apa durang buat..

  5. I am not surprised to hear that. Actually I personally saw it. Those people just sat behind playing chatting and browsing the web. They are more interested in the food in tea break. I feel sad seeing my tax payment was wasted in such a way.

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