Plant of Kinabalu Park

Below are some random photos that I took on the trail to Mt. Kinabalu summit. Due to higher altitude, its plant and vegetation are so unique that you may not find them in other parts of Malaysia.

The weather has been very poor this year. Seem like we get too much rain this year, and the sky likes to pee on Saturday and Sunday, the only time I can do outdoor shooting.

Plant of Kinabalu Park

The plant below is kind of odd. It is the simplest plant that I’ve even seen. Just a leaf and a stem. Note the leaf has no vein.

Plant of Kinabalu Park

Another 1-leaf plant that looks like a falling leaf stands in the grass.

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Plant of Kinabalu Park

Apa ini ah?
Plant of Kinabalu Park

Beautiful trees in mist..
Trees of Kinabalu Park

Just a short note. Recently I was given an opportunity to write for a local media. A good exposure. However, my original nickname “Smoke Head”, sounds a bit… hmmm… not so polite, so I change it to “Tadpole”, the name which my friends used to call me. I am not doing very well financially in this and coming year, but I will keep blogging, keep traveling and keep buying better photography gears. No, you don’t need to send any money to my bank account no.168-888888-168. Please don’t give me Canon EOS 50D DSLR camera and Sony Handycam too.

Photos taken in Kinabalu Park, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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  1. Keeping doing what you good at and what you enjoyed, and money will follows. This fabulous blog has already brought you a lot of fun, fame, friends, fans, girlfriends, and very soon wife and more income.. 🙂

  2. Hi tadpole,

    I’m Singaporean and my husband and I will be spending time in KK from 12th to 17th, any travel tips, places to visit etc. Anyone u know wants to be tour guide? Or perhaps urself? Sory if i sound like an internet stalker, but can come visit my site or email me. I’m too confused by the many tourist websites. And I love ur photos, u r really talented!


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