Money Lent is Money Spent

Money Lending must be a good business. It is impossible not seeing the advertisement like the pictures below. We see it on the newspapers, or you may have thrown many of these ad that were found on your car window, mailbox… Most are very “secret”, only got phone numbers but no name is listed.

Money Lender Ad

I don’t know if they are loan sharks. There is one saying, “Money lent is money spent.” I had bad experience lending money to a friend. When he wanted to borrow money, he begged, almost fell on his knee. Ok lah, lend the $ to him. After that, he was like vaporised. Never look for me, never answer my call. If I found him and reminded him, then he answered impatiently, “OK LAH, OK LAH!!! I paid you back next month!!!” Then no news again for months. Next time I saw him, he looked at me fiercely, like I killed his father. End up I begging for his mercy to return the money (but he never did). I didn’t really mind about the money. I only felt so sad that I helped him as a friend, and he toyed and fucked with me. It is absolutely no fun being taken advantage of.. by a friend. I only can say that I was blind to believe his promise. My dad also lent money to his “friends” and what he got? Bounced cheques and “black” faces… They have money to buy luxury stuffs but have no money to pay you. And they wish you are tired of asking and never ask for the money back again. You will not forget their ugly faces.

I believe loan sharks are also “business” people. They will love to have a happy and continuing relationship with their customers. People borrow $ from them and return it on time, with intere$t, so both sides got what they want. If they have the choice, they may not use extreme / violence method to force the debtors to pay the debt. I don’t mean that they are doing the right thing. But for certain debtors, “No Pain (to debtor), No Gain (to money lender)” method is probably more effective. Not all debtors are “innocent” or victim. If you can’t get your money back, you are really a victim. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like loan sharks. Anyway, they exist because some people want them.

7 thoughts on “Money Lent is Money Spent

  1. Have you ever encounter those who are rich (some indeed very rich) but always don’t bring money with them when going out. So they end up having to borrow from you or you have to settle any bills for them first when you all went out together? Well,…..I encountered many. I guess those rich people really scared others ask money from them so whenever you go out with them they don’t want to bring money out. I bet their bank accounts are like mountain high….

  2. I’m suprised u still call him “Friend”, I assume we all get sunk into this type of sympathy, too nice(I called these people ASSHOLE), ur story reminded me when I was in high school back in the 80s. This guy still alive and never changed, I still see him around. I heard he is working at gov’t office here, still borrowing money almost every month from his co-workers, borrow from A to pay B and borrow from C and so on. what a shame! I’m Malay and not sure if this is actually our shameful culture, I see this quite often.
    Love your article though.

  3. i got the flyer that looks like a cheque in my mailbox too. if anything, i’d say that was a really creative way of advertising. 🙂

  4. ya.. i find it damb sad at times, i got an experience once of loaning someone some money and contra it with a book, guess what, the guy fell of the radar, cannot contact him lah.. blah blah.. many excuse got kicked out of uni. All this time never made the effort to give me back the book, says it with a friend. finally got the book 2 years later, the spine of the book was spoiled, making it totally worthless.
    i think this ah long is good lah, stops your ‘friends’ from loaning from you. as for the victims, you enter an agreement with the ah long so please stick with it. i totally agree if the ah long goes and bash you up. just dont involve the family.

  5. 🙂 rainbow, probably that’s why they got rich. i m not rich but i never bother to worry abt a RM1 or RM2 thing, but some “rich” people could almost start a fight because of that.

    i think ah long, just like us, will get really pissed off if the debtors got $ also don’t pay and try to avoid you. someone just deserve a lesson. but it is bad to harras other innocent.

    some big firms and even banks also hire money collection agent to chase for the payment. they are using soft violence to bombard you, they call you everyday, they also call your family, your boss.. until you pay.

  6. anak Tawau, ya… i was so shocked when someone proposed the government to offer loan to the staffs. goodness, they even have problem to collect the education loan. luckily it didn’t happen. we already have enough bad news on how government fuck up in spending. i don’t want to hear another bad debt problem again..

  7. smoke head, daily express ran this near identical story/idea, even down the to fake cheque today, on page 5. I wonder if they visit your website for inspiration… haha

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