Miss Sabah 2007 – Preview

Below are the photo of 15 Miss Sabah 2007 finalists. You can click each photo to see the bigger picture. I never posted any Miss Sabah photo in MySabah.com before. Glad to start the first one here coz… according to my web site hit report, many users tried to search for “Miss Sabah” info in my site. Haha… but the photos were not taken by me. I got them from my friend.

Kai Shin, Miss Sabah, Malaysia Borneo
Kai Shin
Stephanie, Miss Sabah, Malaysia Borneo
Georgina, Miss Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

You can click each photo to see the bigger picture.

Lulu, Miss Sabah, Malaysia Borneo
Daphne, Miss Sabah, Malaysia Borneo
Amanda, Miss Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

You can click each photo to see the bigger picture.

Emily, Miss Sabah, Malaysia Borneo
Jamie, Miss Sabah, Malaysia Borneo
Cathress, Miss Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

You can click each photo to see the bigger picture.

Edwina, Miss Sabah, Malaysia Borneo
Jovinia, Miss Sabah, Malaysia Borneo
Lydia, Miss Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

The three girls below are my “favourite”, and based on their look, I personally believe that they can make it to top 3. But as you know, besides having a pretty face, they also need to do well in Q&A session.

I would vote for Madelyne coz she looks mature and pretty, well-educated (university student) and experienced in beauty pageant (as she is State-Level Unduk Ngadau, Miss Kaamatan, for 2005). For Jacqueline, I haven’t met her personally. Simply judging on photo… she looks smart and fashionable, good height and overall figure, and other unqiue elements that would make her a potential winner for first runner-up. As for Stella, wherever she stands, she always catches people’s eyeballs. However, her “cuteness” would make her looks like a small girl. If you look at previous big beauty pageants, you would notice that the champions are usually the one look like big sister and a leader. So I think she would win 2nd runner-up or Miss Photogenic. These are just my personal guest only. What do you think?

Jacqueline, Miss Sabah, Malaysia Borneo
Madelyne, Miss Sabah, Malaysia Borneo
Stella, Miss Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

Miss Sabah group photo, Malaysia Borneo

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Newspaper Clip
Overseas Chinese Daily News (Apr 24, 2007)

Photos taken in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

10 thoughts on “Miss Sabah 2007 – Preview

  1. As for me i choose Madelyne coz she looks fresh & have an experiences of joining all kinds of beauty tournaments + she so friendly to all her friends no matter near or far.

    2ndly, i choose Stella as she looks different from any other contestants. She looks foreign & she can make up to the Top 5 or 3.

    Last but not least, either Jacqualine or Kai Shin. Coz’ both of them not just look like chinese but look like Japanese girls.

    But most of all, Miss Sabah contestants are great looking & have their own personalities. What more should i say :
    Just be yourself & Good luck everyone 🙂

  2. hahah lots of pretty ladies around, nice…hahaha but seriously though, its all about character right?

    I reckon Madelyne is definetly up there, or if not, my money is gonna be with either Kai Shin or Jovinia (they both look either Jap or Korean) and Lydia has a slight Kadazan look, uniqueness!! Daphne has a pretty nice smile aswell (lol) but their all good hahah hopefully these girls have more brain then looks, cause its no point in showing off your looks when you won’t have the brains to actually succeed in anything.

    But best of luck to these ladies, and hopefully they’ll give a nice show.

    PS: Got any swim-suits this year? Heard Miss Malaysia had it…

  3. wow…they all look great and amazing.

    But my favourite contestant is Daphne. She look so cute and have a pretty smile.

    I think she can won one of the title.

    Wish all the Best & Good luck to all the contestants………

  4. omg..i don’t want to know the result..im sure there are lotsa beautiful girls in sabah…and they arent these…im displeased by the contestants..

  5. i for one would want to know the results, because i know there are one or two that do deserve an award for atleast something.

  6. Miss Madelyne is Miss Sabah 2007 but i want to know who received the other titles.

  7. The result:

    Miss Sabah 2007: Madelyne (No. 7)

    1st Runner-Up + Most Popular Online: Cathress (No. 12)

    2nd Runner-Up + Miss Congeniality: Jacqualine (No. 13)

    Miss Photogenic: Emily (No. 1)

    Best Swimwear: Cindy (No. 8)

    Miss Talent: Amanda (No. 4)

    Best Ev? (not sure): Stephanie (No. 3)

    I will post the Miss Sabah 2007 photos on Saturday. pls come back 2 check…

  8. Sorry. Below is the correct one.

    Miss Sabah 2007: Madelyne M. Nandu (No. 7)
    1st Runner-Up + Most Popular Online: Cathress Gielbert (No. 12)
    2nd Runner-Up + Best Evening Gown: Jacqueline Lo Ker Jack (No. 13)
    Miss Photogenic: Emily@ Ng Ying Ying (No. 1)
    Best Swimwear: Cyndi Chong Suk Fei ( No.8 )
    Miss Talent: Amanda Gilbert Mojinun (No. 4)
    Miss Congeniality: Stephanie Stella Lai Set Li (No. 3)

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