Miss Kaamatan Beauty Queen

Now MySabah.com got thousands of photos on Sabah beauty pageant, crazy man… I still have more. Don’t worry, this one is different, no more Unduk Ngadau already.

Miss Kaamatan Beauty Queen
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Ya, these are the photos of Miss Kaamatan Beauty Queen Contest held in Razz Ma Tazz on May 26. Honestly, I didn’t know how they would run the show. I thought they wanted to have something like an unofficial Unduk Ngadau competition. My jaw dropped when I saw those “Unduk Ngadau” wearing tight t-shirt and swimsuit, catwalk on the stage.

Miss Kaamatan Beauty Queen
Click Here to see 160+ photos of Miss Kaamatan Contest >>

Generally, most were “good quality” candidates, so I didn’t need excessive alcohol to make them looked attractive to my eyes. The show started at 10 PM and ended at 2:30 AM. There were 3 rounds. Round 1 was casual wear, round 2 was evening gown, round 3 was swimsuit + IQ test + hot dance with guy. Needless to say, it was a hot night and I was glad to be there. You will be glad to see the photo gallery here too.

Miss Kaamatan Beauty Queen
Final Result of Miss Kaamatan Beauty Queen 2006:
Miss Kaamatan Beauty Queen: Contestant No. 5
1st Runner-Up: Contestant No. 8
2nd Runner-Up: Contestant No. 13
Miss Body Beautiful: Contestant No. 3
Miss Photogenic: Contestant No. 7
Miss Personality: Contestant No. 11
Best Costume: Contestant No. 12

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12 thoughts on “Miss Kaamatan Beauty Queen

  1. That last test (hot dance with guy) sounds interesting, and will never ever be included to be one of the official Unduk Ngadau “tests”. Did you take any videos of the “best dance”? 🙂

  2. I was there to witness it and truthfully I found it derogatory to the female gender. Most of the men who were ‘forced’ to dance with the girl weren’t sober.

    Anyways I sort of wrote a review about it, here. Yes, it may be entertaining to some but not to most people.

    My apologies for sounding too cynical, it’s just my personal opinion. 🙂

  3. Dee, everything got good and bad sides, everyone also got their point of views, so it is ok.

    however, imho, even if we totally eliminate beauty pageant, it won’t change a thing or make the world better. just take it easy.. 🙂

    pinolobu, sorry lah, i was busy taking pictures. video is something low priority to me since i dun have a good videocam..

  4. Smoke Head, but of course I’m taking it easy. What impression did I give to imply so? In fact, I never mention about eliminating beauty pageants; just that personally I find it demeaning.

    Actually, likewise with manhunts. 🙂

  5. I dont think the guys will be brave enough to go onstage if they weren’t at least a bit tipsy.

    In the end, it’s all about business I suppose, to attract people to come see.

    At least they didnt ask the girls to do any of the following categories:
    – wet shirt
    – pole dance
    – tabletop dance
    – dominatrix

    P.S. wah, more and more sabahan bloggers with their own domain. That’s a mark of a truly serious blogger 🙂

  6. pinolobu, I would say that all you have mentioned is a little over-the-top. As some would say, only the Americans would do that. 😀

    Dance pole? Yes, they do have that here. There are two place I know of that has dance poles. One naming Razz Ma Tazz, the other is surprisingly located at a well known resort. 😉

  7. Wooww..
    Life is great when surrounded by the pretty ladies!

    Enjoying in watching this kind of entertainment..

    Hot dance with guy?
    Why should they treat the ladies in this way??

    Well.. it was the rules of the games.. why should we bother and worried seems the ladies are having fun with it…

    I did attend this kind of contest for Man..
    It was Mr.Malaysian Universe..
    The guys have to show-up their personality, talents (karate, kungfu, silat, gymnastic, aerobic, dance, acrobatic).. They do appear in underwear as well.. wowww..

    They do dance with the ladies..
    But they dance in the polite, gentlemen & ellegant way.. Their dance bring the message of respecting the ladies & themself as a gentlemen..
    We were touch by the beautiful movement of their dance..
    A big clap to the organizer to make the event a succesful and glorious..

    hmmm.. in this case..
    I think hot dance is not a suitable for Miss Kaamatan Contest (huh. how sexy the hominudun).. well.. there still a demand on it and the girls are having fun as well as the crocodile out there..

    wahhhh.. the moment for them to gain publicity..

  8. wahahahaha…
    One will never thought this kind of incident will ever happen..
    I will say..
    So pity for the girls have been treated in this way..
    Well.. It really happen!
    Why dont they protest huh??

  9. Woo Hoo!! Contestant no.3 & 4….My my…dats my choice 🙂 Sabah have some pretty good Chicks.

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