Do Sabahans Live on Trees?

“Do Sabahans live on trees?” I have no idea how some idiots from Semenanjung got such idea, probably they live in the well. We do have tree houses in Sabah, but they are mainly the accommodation for tourists. Last time I blog about the tree house on Banggi Island. Actually the more famous tree houses are in Tambunan.

Tree House

If you drive to Keningau or Tambunan from Kota Kinabalu, after 1 hour, somewhere 30 KM before Tambunan, you will pass by Gunung Emas Highlands Resort. The tree top cabins are just at the opposite side, hidden inside the forest on the hill. This is the highland area, so the air is cooling and refreshing. I heard that it is very chilly at night, so you better bring warmer clothing if you plan to overnight there.

Tree House

Tree House

No, I haven’t stayed there before. But I will stay there for a few days after the weather turns good, coz I would like to visit the Rafflesia Centre and Mahua Waterfall nearby. The view of the Crocker mountain range there, along the road, is marvelious too. I will post some photos after I visit there.

Tour package to Mari-Mari Cultural Village

Tree House

For those of you who have stayed there before, it will be great if you could share your info with us. I was told that the cabin got air-cond and toilet inside. I was just walking outside the cabins that day, so I don’t know much about the facilities and accommodation fee.

Tree House

7 thoughts on “Do Sabahans Live on Trees?

  1. I stayed there a looooong time ago, so my views would not be relevant now. But when I stayed there – my impression was – OK lah, boleh lah, not top class, but it’s a unique experience staying on a tree…the possiblity of a landslide occuring while you’re sleeping on a treacherously perched tree is quite unsettling, but as proven by time, they’re solidly built and have lasted all these years.

    and no, I never noticed that missing no.13

    And hey, it seems that every Sabahan knows and hates that “Semenanjung people think Sabahans live on trees” stereotype. I worked in the peninsular for 3 years some years back and yes, I did encounter this misconception a few times.

  2. OMG..the peninsular ppl didn’t know abt that?

    Ohh yess..
    We are living on the tree..
    U know.. we use a lift to get unto the tree..
    So advance rite!

    Oh goshhh..
    The peninsular people who claimed themself as high-tech and modern..

    Some of them when asked, pointed out that ioman is on Langkawi..
    What a sad phenomenon..

    Ohh noo..
    Why should they simply judge if they dun even know anythg abt Sabah!

    Is this wat we called it as:
    Malaysian, truly Asian?

    Talking abt Gunung Emas, it reflect me on my way back to my hometown..
    I think they dun need air-cond as they will get the natural cold air-cond from the surrounding..
    The weather is not much different to Kundasang, Ranau, Cameron, Trus Madi..
    Even the heater may not help..

    You may experience one of the unforgetable experience whereby the chalet that attached to the tree feels like shaking bcoz of the winds blowing.. (mcm mo rebah sija itu pokok!)

    Nice what!
    U better go and try..
    For sure u’ll miss the place again!

  3. oppss..
    sorry for the typo error..
    “ioman” is actually “Tioman Island” that the Peninsular thought it was located in Langkawi..


    *proud 2 b Sabahan..
    mesti mah..!!!!!!

  4. I stayed there once actually but I don’t remember any air-con. The place is cold already without an air-con. I stayed there like 5 years ago. It is okay in term of quality but the fun thing about the place is the visit to see a rafflesia and also the centre. Wasn’t able to visit the waterfall but the best thing about the trip is the experience sitting at the back of a lorry going around. Dunno still got that one or not.

    As for the “Sabahan living on top of the tree”, I would LOL everytime I encounter it. But as someone who love Sabah, I would continue to explain to them the reality and beauty of Sabah. When I end the explanation, most of them would wanna go to Sabah and experience the beauty and wonder of Sabah themselves…

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