Kids Love Lions

If you think strippers got molested the most by the audiences, probably you are wrong. Look at the pictures below you could see that even kids molest lions, and every inch of their bodies is a target. No wonder the old legend said lions ate kids.

Kids Molest Lions

When I was a kid, I was not that bad manner. I only threw strings of fire crackers at the lions. And it was perfectly legal.

5 thoughts on “Kids Love Lions

  1. The lion dance expert will kick the fire crackers away when thrown into his direction. So don’t play play….in case it is being kicked back to your direction..haaa.

  2. Talking about lion dance, I realized something sad… Although its a Chinese culture, most of their members are non-Chinese anymore, unlike 3~4 years ago. I’m not being racist. I just wan to know the reason behind, why Chinese dun wan to participate in the dance? Do they wish to see our Chinese culture extinct beacuse of their “weird” mind?

  3. I’m 5o yrs old now. Always looking back when I was a kid, enjoyed when Chinese new year came, got Ang Pow and time to see Lion Dance again. We didn’t know much of Chinese Culture growing up, wished someone out there then told us the history of it. Mom, pop even my Malay teachers never encouraged us to learn the beauty of it but Malay. The other day I asked my grandson, who is 12 wonder if he knew the story behind the chinese new year celebration.
    I was very shock almost 30 decade later, he still don’t have interset to know. I think I had delivered my duty as a father to my son and again wonder if he ever does the same as I did. On behalf of my Family( All Tuan Syed/Sharifah in Tawau) Happy Chinese New Year and may this year of Dog be a loving year for all mankind.

  4. Ricc..its really sad that no Chinese join the lion dance..WHY?we have to ask the family and parents..actually the parents say it will learn bad thing from the troupe like smoking..actually it depends on the parents..2nd,is the teengae nowadays scare of hot n get dark a unicorn troupe looking for chinses people to join in also..very unicorn troupe really all chinese..i hope more chinese will join in..

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