CNY Celebration at Yu Huang Temple, Tuaran

There was a Chinese New Year celebration in Yu Huang Temple, Tuaran, on last Sunday (Feb 5). It was really worth the time to go there. You could see all kind of lions, dragons and qi-ling performed there. Besides, there were also other performances such as Wushu, Chinese cultural dances.

Lion Dance

They played the lion dance so well that you thought the lions were real animals. The “Lion King” of Yick Nam School was also invited to perform. All the best lion teams were there. I must say this was a very enjoyable and high standard show. I was so deeply focus on photo shooting that I forgot I was exposed under the hot sun for hours. Unfortunately, due to the car tyre bocor, I missed the Green Lion performance in the evening. Not many chance we can see Green Lion…

Lion Dance

Lion Dance

Have been a long time I didn’t see the “Big Head Buddha”. So happy to see him again that day. On the same day, I also went to Ling San 9-Storey Pagoda and Tuaran Tamu. Later I will post the photos too. Tomorrow I will go for White Water Rafting at Padas River so I may not blog. If I manage to survive, see you again on Thursday.

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9 thoughts on “CNY Celebration at Yu Huang Temple, Tuaran

  1. Hey there smokehead. It has been a while since I last made a comment at your blog and here I am. Just change job. Have been very busy with work and also preparation for CNY. Glad to see that you have won another prize and Congratulation!!!

    Also, you are really good at making a story out of the photos that you have taken. I like the one with the poison flower alot. Really LOL!!!

    Anyway, just want to wish you and all mysabah’s reader, Gong Xi Fa Chai

  2. 🙂 pinolobu, no matter he represents who, the crowd would throw fire cracker at him. probably that’s y we seldom see him.

    thanks eztoyou, all the best to your new job too. i love the poison flower story too coz the expression of qi-ling look so funny, like it is very excited.

  3. i have no comment jus to say hey and shalomm.
    i had read and explored ur website. so nice and funtastic. so that i want to know u more so that we can make a business relationship.bole bah kan…
    just email me with my email add. above. so see u soon.

  4. Am really interested in the ‘butod’ story. I’ve a story of my own about this ‘butod’. When we were kids, butod was one of our most favourite dishes (since the house area was surrounded by rumbia). We (my siblings n I) spent hours a day to find for butod. The unforgettable story started like this; I worked hard to find the butod (i think few hours), I cooked them (the most wonderful recipe ever), then i took my bath. Unluckily, when i finished bathing and was ready to have my meal; i found that my ‘harderaned’ butods were gone…(eaten by my younger siblings). Know what happened after that? I hit my mom’s cooking pot until it was broken into half with big and small holes everywhere…..Imagine the situation when a 7 year old girl was crying with a big steel ‘sudip’ and broken cooking pot…..your pictures truly bring back the memory…..(this happened 30 years ago u know. And it’s not easy to find sago in Tuaran or KK area) TQ

  5. hi mag, haha… very interesting. thanx 4 sharing yr story. my mom also ate larva of honey bee when she was a kid. besides butod, any other bug that is edible? i would want to blog abt it..

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