Gaya Island

Ok, you guess it right, now I blog about the last island on the list, Gaya Island. No sure why some people call it Gayana Island, it once made me confused, probably it got a Gayana Resort on it. FYI, boat to Gayana Resort is available daily at 8AM, 9.30AM, 11AM, 12.30PM, 3.15PM, 6PM, 7.30PM, 9.30PM and 11PM. Two-way fare costs RM15 (less than USD4) but subject to change.

Gayana Resort
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So I went to Gaya Island on last Monday. The resort is built on the sea water, which is clear and shallow. When you walk on the broadway, you can see many fishes, corals, seaweeds and other sea life such as sea cucumber and sea urchins… under your feet. Most visitors are there to stay, hang around, relax, and eat. Not many are doing watersport such as snorkelling, swimming, diving.. I find this place is less attractive for such activities, if compared with other islands.

Gayana Resort
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I am poor so I can’t afford to stay in the resort. But judging from its appearance and words of mouth, it should be good. Each house got a balcony, where you can sit, relax and watch the sea. I also like the wooden houses with atap roof, giving a touch of nature. Many couples like to stay here for a romantic vacation.

Gayana Resort
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Tour package to Kinabatangan

There is also an exhibition hall (Marine & Ecology Research Centre) at far end of the resort. Many corals, clams, fishes and other sea life are displayed. The entrance is free for the resort guests. For Malaysian adult, it is RM5, non-Malaysians, RM10. Below is the opening hours info.
Opening Hours
Mon and Thu: 6PM – 8PM
Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun: 9AM – 12PM, 1PM – 4PM, 6PM – 8.30PM
(I was there in Monday morning, but they let me enter.)

Ya, ya, I know most of you, especially the locals, already knew what I mention above. I post the info just for fun and for foreigners to know more about Sabah islands. Do introduce my site to your friends overseas, please? I also create an interactive 360° panoramic view for you to explore the resort.

Gayana Resort
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11 thoughts on “Gaya Island

  1. Based on my old price list (valid til Dec 05):
    Single Room (RM180 nett), Double Room (RM230 nett), Triple Room (RM270 nett).

    The fee includes accommodation, breakfast, return ferry transfer, free access to Marine Ecology Research Centre.

  2. i’ve stayed there a few years ago and honestly i would love to come back there. the double room was really spacious, complete with a sofa & table.

    since the rooms are built on waters, it gives u the feeling as if you’re sleeping on a water bed!(esp. at night during the high tide)

  3. smokehead, you were lucky, when i went there the Marine Ecology Centre was closed.
    i think the only thing left for you to visit is the sea bed, when you gonna start diving?

  4. tradewind, i want to learn to swim first b4 i learn to dive. though swimming skill not required 4 diving, i dun feel comfortable with that

  5. Do you have the phone number of booking office of GAYA RESORT?
    Their website is not working now.

  6. well.iam lookin foward to stay thr..but hardly get the website to do the bookin frustatain n on top of it it seems like its very expensive nw adays

  7. hi there. i was surfing for info for my novel, and i landed here. well, i was obviously looking for info about gayana resort and gaya island which i went 14 years ago, when i was 8. but i believe nothing much had changed, judging from ur stunning photos, the beauty of gaya island is very much well-preserved, and of course, gayana resort was already there 14 years ago. i find ur info very helpful for my writing. shall give the credit to u! thanks a lot!

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