Likas Sport Complex

Today 2 PM I was on the way to KK City Bird Sanctuary. When I passby Likas Sport Complex, I decided to change my destination to there. I took some pictures until 4 PM. Due to the cloudy sky, the sunlight was soft but sufficient for some ideal close-up shoots for small objects such as insects, and nobody around to distract me.

Likas Sport Complex

Last week I just resumed jogging that I have stopped for nearly a year. Likas Sport Complex has been one of the popular jogging sites in Kota Kinabalu, due to its beautiful and nature surrounding. However, usually people just come and go quickly. I think I could explore it a bit to find some “surprises”.

Likas Sport Complex

Most of the pictures were taken near the pool side, usually the most active spot of the bugs. During the photo shooting, always got something crawled under my trouser, some got many legs, some are very cold. I didn’t check so I don’t know what they are, haha…

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  1. i like to comments on photo number dsc05257. this is not a forg egg but the golden snail egg. this snail often found in the padi field and can damaged the paddy.

  2. HI .. I always jog at Likas and I do love the sceanery there .. I have always wanted to bring my camera along ..but as usual … always forget .. I think the sports board has done a great job with the landscaping here … everything changes and takes on a different mood , depending on the angle of the sun … But what I am not very happy about is the fact that they painted the sports roof a red/brown .. I think that many people have forgotten that the building was designed by a famous Japanese and the roof is supposed to represent Mt Kinabalu ….

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