Fake Mt. Kinabalu

This one is fun. Last week I saw TWO Mt. Kinabalu at Nunuk Ragang. They both look so identical that when I asked a few persons on the spot, “Where is the Mount Kinabalu?”, ALL of them pointed the WRONG one.

Two Mt. Kinabalu

Make a guess before you click for the answer below. If you got it wrong, don’t call yourself a Sabahan, go home and draw 100 copy of Mount Kinabalu. 🙂

Click Here for the Answer

9 thoughts on “Fake Mt. Kinabalu

  1. babe, send me 100 copies of the drawing. 🙂

    Jacq, pinolobu, i also dun know its name. it is just a hill covered with trees. probably too small to get a name..

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