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Dragon, Lion and Unicorn Festival

Lion Dance, Ang Pow and Fire Cracker are 3 big things of Chinese New Year. Missing any one of these, we would not call it a “complete” new year celebration. Even though government has banned fire cracker for many years, we still can hear fire cracker rocks the Chinese New Year Eve.

Fire cracker
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For the Dragon, Lion and Unicorn Festival on Jan 26, the organiser got special permission to use fire crackers. That was so cool to see thousands of them exploded… Ya, I know this event was almost 2 weeks ago. Sigh… very limited time to update my blog now. I still have hundreds of photo pending… wait loh.. Something cool is on its way…

Fire cracker
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The lion festival was so grant. There were over 50 groups of lions, dragons and unicorns dancing. I would say this is the best chance to see the most complete collection of lion types in Sabah. For example, the face of the lions below are so flat, like being run over by a lorry. The one at the right below is Green Lion, or Hokkien Lion. The twos at the left I have no idea what species they are. Anyone knows?

Hokkien Lions
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Who says Chinese don’t love Malaysia? We got “Batik Lion” too (see photos below), Buatan Malaysia, I assume.
Batik Lions
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Unicorn usually has only one horn, but I saw the “unicorn” with two horns, may be I can call it “twicorn”.

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Besides lion dance, they also had dance and kung fu show by local school kids and China people. I stayed there from 1pm until 8pm and got those photos for you to see. Such a hard work.. sometimes I also can’t believe why I let people see my photos for free… Now I carry heavier camera and accessories, even more taxing..

Anyway, Gong Xi Fa Cai to you all, and thanks for visiting my blog.

Cultural Show
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3 thoughts on “Dragon, Lion and Unicorn Festival

  1. hai..d twin horn unicorn is nt call twicorn…is call dragon horn special made frm china n oso juz only my team Wei Wu Associate (tat is b4 v r in d team bt nw our team in Tiong Hua team) gt diz special type unicon..acctually unicorn in d legend its gt two horn bt don knw y nw they make into 1 horn only…

  2. Fomulaorne88: i think we are in the same troupe..if you know me please sms me..i support your comment..but really now people dont know the original unicorn story..for example the so called blanket(the back of the lion or unicorn) it change to the lion dance blanket and got pants to wear..OMG..
    MySabah: i really hope you can help my unicorn troupe to look for chinese people(February2006)..really disappointed..i love blog but i hope you can upload faster..until now i try to see who are u..hope to see u..take k..

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