Double Six Gallery

Double Six Gallery, a reminder of painful Sabah history

Most Sabahans would not forget 6 Jun 1976 the “double-six” day an Australian Nomad aircraft crashed in Sembulan, when it was about to land at the airport in Tanjung Aru on its return from Labuan island. Four of nine Sabah state ministers including chief minister Fuad (Donald) Stephens lost their lives.

Double Six Monument
Double Six Monument in Sembulan

To commemorate this tragic air crash, the Double Six Monument was built on the crash site, and there is a memorial service holds here annually on 6 Jun. You may read my previous blog about Double Six Monument.

Double Six Gallery
Double Six Gallery in Sembulan

For those who would like to learn about the history, you may visit the 4,000-sq-feet Double Six Gallery, which costs MYR1.2 Million to build and opened in 2010 near the monument.

Intro of Double Six Gallery in 3 languages
signboard of Double Six Gallery
Double Six Gallery

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Double Six Gallery exhibits pictures, newspaper clips and memorabilia of the untoward event. I saw many life and family photographs of the late ministers. A debris of the crashed plane is on display. Visitors also can watch a 30-min video about the Sabah history and formation of Malaysia. Besides, they have a replica of “Batu Sumpah” (oath stone) of Keningau, which serves as a reminder to Malaysia government what they had promised East Malaysia. One of the promises is freedom of religion. From the happening in recent years, obviously Federal government has lost its memory.

front of Double Six Gallery
Double Six Gallery

This air-conditioned gallery is managed by Kota Kinabalu City Hall and opens from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Tuesday to Friday and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, Sunday and public holiday. Note it is close on every Monday. Entrance fee is MYR2 for adult, MYR1 for student, children and senior citizen.

inside Double Six Gallery
Sorry, I was not allowed to take photo inside, so I only can show you the ticketing counter.

Double Six Monument

What makes Double Six Tragedy so unforgettable is that not only we lost our beloved leaders who fight for Sabahans, we felt that we were betrayed. No, the tragedy is not a mystery to Sabahans. Only fool believes that’s an accident.

Photos taken in Sembulan, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

2 thoughts on “Double Six Gallery, a reminder of painful Sabah history

  1. May justice be served right for those who perished even in the after-life. It is a stark reminder that we should never trust the leaders from the West and that the biggest threat to Sabahan comes from our own people.Every Sabahan knows that it was a plot and pre-planned ‘accident’.

  2. The west will never give us any chance to unveil the truth. After the ministers died, those people have been milking Sabah until today, and they still want MORE!

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