Double Car Plates

Please pardon my ignorance, coz this is the first time I see this. I noticed an unusual truck when I drove along the Lok Kawi Beach.

Double Car Plates

As you know, every vehicle has only one registered plate number, no matter how big and small it is.

Double Car Plates

This long truck has 2 car plate numbers?!! Why ah? Probably this vehicle has two driver seats or it is meant to confuse the police? I might be drunk but my camera proves that my vision is Ok. I didn’t overtake this truck to see its plate in front. Who knows it may have two different plate numbers in front too, lol.

Double Car Plates

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Another funny thing is – it also seems to have two set of speed limits? Left side is 50 KM/H and right side is 60 and 70 KM/H? Anyone can explain? I’m interested in getting two plate numbers for my car too.

It has been a long time I didn’t update this blog. I suffered high fever (viral infection) and allegic to medicine for 10 days. I still feel weak until now..

Photos taken in Lok Kawi, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

5 thoughts on “Double Car Plates

  1. it’s actually a regulation for trailers to have two plate numbers. one is for the prime mover (the truck) and the other for the trailer itself.

    think of it as two separate vehicles just that one is being ‘towed’ by the other.

  2. Hi. Not sure if you still check the comments on this post. I see that others have answered for the two plates (one is the tractor, one is the trailer) but as for the 2 speed limits: the answer is that the trailer is 2nd hand imported used from Singapore. The black sticker on the left which reads 50km/h in English is a sticker from when it was used in Singapore, while the 70,80km/j one is Malaysian. (This is also why there are English LONG VEHICLE signs.)

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