Chimney Cakes by Kurtos Spiroll

Chimney Cakes (Kürtös Kalács) are coming to Sabah

Kürtös Spiroll™ brings a 300-year history pastry, Kürtös Kalács, from where Dracula lived* to Sabah. It is the oldest Hungarian pastry which stems from the Hungarian words kürtő that refers to “chimney” and kalács meaning “cake”. Kürtös Kalács is still a popular delicacy today especially in Eastern Europe during special occasions such as wedding. Now it is available throughout the year at the 4th outlet of Kürtös Spiroll in Malaysia (1st in East Malaysia) in Imago Mall, Kota Kinabalu.

hollow shape of Chimney Cakes
The unique shape of Chimney Cake allows you to enjoy the bread in two different tastes and textures, its outside is sweet and crispy crust but inside is fluffy & soft. I’m not a “bread” person, but I eat it with great relish.

Kürtös Spiroll
Say Hi to Chloe, my model, and also a foodie who loses control whenever she smells good food.

drooling for Kurtos Kalacs
Ok, you win. You can have them all.

Kurtos Spiroll in Imago Mall of Kota Kinabalu
In first day of opening, Kurtos Spiroll already attracted many curious buyers who were keen to try something new.

different flavours of Kürtös Kalács
Pic: 7 flavours of sweet-series Kürtös Kalács were on display that day. From top to bottom, left to right:

Tour package to Mataking
  1. Sunflower Seeds
  2. Chocolate Rice
  3. Cinnamon Sugar
  4. Honey Nestum
  5. Premium Chicken Floss
  6. Nutella Walnut
  7. Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chips

making Chimney Cakes
Kürtös Spiroll prepares chimney cakes on-site in traditional way, it’s baked rather than fried, and no preservative or artificial flavour is used. It’s best consumed within 3 hours because the caramelised surface will turn soft. Since Kürtös Kalács can’t be stored overnight, that means it’s always freshly made.

sprinkling icing on Kürtös Kalács
To make Chimney Cake, a special recipe dough is rolled by hand into an even strip and then wrapped like a ribbon around a wooden cooking roll. A topping of choice is then sprinkled on the steaming hot Kürtös Kalács. The dough is then caramelised and baked to perfection in a purpose built oven.

add topping to Chimney Cake
Pic: Oh yea, more chocolate chips please. It is quite enjoyable to see our order is individually hand-made, which takes only 3 to 5 minutes. FYI, Kürtös Spiroll serves No Pork.

spreading Nutella on Kurtos Kalacs
Now they are making my order, Nutella Walnut Chimney Cake., nom nom…

adding walnut

eating Kürtös Kalács
Adam looks high eating Kürtös Kalács. Did they put Marijuana in your pastry? Just joking bro. Frankly these cakes can be addictive.

girls at Kürtös Spiroll
From Left: Chloe, Charlotte and Mei Tzeu. Which one you want? I mean the Kürtös Kalács LOL.

Nutella walnut Kürtös Kalács
Pic: We all love Nutella Walnut flavour, which is the Best Selling one. If you are not sure which flavour to try, go for this one. This Kürtös Kalács topped with sweet chocolate cream sauce and walnut crumbs really “inspiroll” your taste buds.

Cinnamon Sugar Kürtös Kalács
Pic: Another Best Selling Chimney Cake is Cinnamon Sugar flavour.

takeaway at Kurtos Spiroll
Pic: you can order Kürtös Kalács as takeaways and enjoy it with a cup of hot coffee at home.

peeling Kurtos Kalacs
“Who moved my Kürtös Kalács?!”

long peel of Kürtös Kalács
Ernie just wanted to show us the right way to eat Kurtos Kalacs. You start with a pinch to unravel the pastry, and break it into bite size. Note the peel is almost a metre long, it’s like a “roti tarik” (pull bread). I ate one already half full.

Spiroll Dog
Spiroll Dog of Kürtös Spiroll
The Spiroll Dog of Kürtös Spiroll (with chicken sausage in it) is also highly recommended if you prefer something savoury. Guys will like its creamy and meaty taste.

taking photos of Kurtos Kalacs
Pic: Taking photo so she can lick it as lunch next day.

menu of Kürtös Spiroll
Pic: the menu of Kürtös Spiroll (can click to zoom in. Prices as of April 2015). Most sweet series (first two rows) are available. For savoury series, only Spiroll Dog is available now, the rest are coming soon.

For a taste of this traditional Hungarian-Romanian treat, you can visit Kürtös Spiroll at B-49 (B Floor), Imago Mall in KK Times Square Phase 2, Kota Kinabalu City. They open from 10am to 10pm daily. You may follow their Facebook for future promotion.

*Transylvania Region, Romania

Photos taken in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

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  1. And they say working with children and animals is hard..
    i realise in the 1st photo there are some phone numbers on the lower left corner.. implicit advertisement ka?

  2. I cannot restrain myself to send you a correction 🙂 Dracula was Romanian :p and his homeland was not in Covasna county 🙂 And Krts Kalcs is indeed very good though too sugary for my healthy diet :p and is purely hungarian :). It’s true though that it’s quite popular in Transylvania , a big region of Romania but it’s made and sold by Hungarians which are an important minority in this region .
    As I am checking these days your blog for useful information about Borneo I was very surprised to see this article and couldn’t help not to intervene because I’m Romanian and living in Transylvania , I hope you understand 🙂

    1. No problem at all Gia. Instead, I would like to thank you for the correction. I’ve rephrased the text and hope the description is valid. I feature anything about Sabah, that includes new things arrive our shore hence this post. 🙂

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