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I went to Centre Point Sabah yesterday to see the My ICMS Exhibition in Palm Square. It turned out to be an disappointment coz there were only a few telco booths which offer something we can find everywhere in town.

YoBe Magazine
Later I found that many people were waiting for the launching of YoBe Magazine, the first fashion and lifestyle magazine in Sabah. It is a bold decision to start a magazine, as many Malaysian businessmen say, the quickest way to lose money is to start a magazine in Malaysia. They will need to work very hard to attract limited number of readers in Sabah.

Well, I am always supportive to people who want to create stuffs for the locals so I bought a copy. The content is more targeted for teenagers and very young readers, so it is just right for me (haha!). I guess the name “YoBe” means “Be Young”? I didn’t know there was a launching by YoBe Magazine that day, so I didn’t bring my better camera. All the photos were taken using my lousy Sony Cybershot. The photos are a bit grainy (noise) but still acceptable for viewing. The event was supposed to start at 1 PM but they started at 1.30PM. I was so hungry so I didn’t stay there until the end of the show. I only captured some photos of their fashion show. Enjoy!

Click Here to see Photos of YoBe Fashion Show >>
YoBe Magazine
Click Here to see Photos of YoBe Fashion Show >>

10 thoughts on “YoBe Magazine

  1. bayau, yes, it is a Sabah magazine. we can find it in many local bookstores now.

    lookatsabah is quite interesting. I hope they will post more photos and update more frequently. do you know them personally?

  2. thanks for the pics… love the outfits but the models look really wild… jeez… won’t *lepak* around kk with that look… Kekekeke…

    p/s: i’m so in love with japanese trends… Woah~

  3. Mr Administrator

    For your information, YOBE is the combined word of Yoong and Bee, which is the first name of the publisher and chief eidtor interesting of this magazine, NOT so-called ‘be young’.

    Although it is quite interesting to have own magzine for KK, but I think the contain is quick important.

  4. Sometimes it’s really that simple, isn’t it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this myself/earlier, though.

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