New Wildlife Species

Sabah is a paradise for so many wildlife. Many of them don’t have any official name. Therefore, I write the guide below to introduce a few common marine animals found in sea of Sabah. I would like to congratulate Sabah people for doing such a good job on protecting them coz they live freely in abundant amount.

New Wildlife Species

1. Jellopisces Plastiba
Closest Relative: Jelly Fish
Most commonly seen marine life in Sabah. This animal can live nearly 100 years, and come in different colors and sizes. The fishes and turtles always think that it is jelly fish and eat it, then die of suffocation.

2. Aquacucumbell Bottledae
Closest Relative: Sea Cucumber
Sub-Species: Plastisa, Glassido, Aluminia
Its body is protected by a layer of hard shell. It is able to keep a packet of air inside its body, so it can float and travel freely with the ocean stream. Due to its commercial value, Aluminia is now extinct and rarely found.

New Wildlife Species

3. Musculista Lunchboze
Closest Relative: Clam
Live in the warm water of Sabah. When heated, Lunchboze will release a toxin gas which will harm human body, so it is not edible.

4. Carcinoscorpius Shoeii
Closest Relative: Horseshoe Crab
Sub-Species: Slipperon, Nike, Adidas
Besides in the water, you also can find this creature hang on the tree roots at the riverside and beaches. You can tell its sex from the pointing direction of its head, i.e., male is left-sided, female is right-sided.

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