With Fishes, from Pitas (Part 2 of 2)

Everything in Pitas seems to have something to do with fish. Along the road next to the sea, almost every seaside village gets a very long wooden boardwalk, extends a few hundreds Metres to the sea. Naturally, the boardwalk becomes a favourite fishing spot of the locals.

Long boardwalk

When we take a walk around there, the boats, fishing net and stilt houses speak loudly we are in a fishing village. Together with a group of “city tourists”, we “inspected” what those people caught at boardwalk.


Very soon those locals found that the silence was totally broken by a bunch of lunatic from the city. Whenever they got a fish, even if it is smaller than a longkang (drain) fish. they were surrounded by overexcited tourists, interviewing them how they did it, then blinded by dozens of flashes from our cameras, as if he caught a shark or something. Before he pulled himself together, we already took his fishing rod and fish for photo-taking.


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Growing up in a fishing village since young, I guess these born fishermen would also have problem to understand why the kids nowadays are so afraid of live fishes. Why ah? Probably their teachers tell them they will get mad chicken or fish flu disease for touching these animals?

Sunset dinner

After the fish appreciation, we had our seafood dinner at a restaurant nearby. The sunset is so beautiful. One of the best in Sabah.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to fish, Pitas got lot of fish product for sale.

Fish product from Pitas

Fishing is a “free” hobby in Malaysia. We are so lucky? In US, you need to pay for a fishing license, even for recreational fishing. When the word “SUSTAINABILITY” becomes so important to the world on the use of natural resources now, it is a wise measure. But in Sabah, many people are fishing for FOOD, not fishing for fun. Well, still think we got unlimited supply of fishes? This is what happens when we only know to take take take and never give. Correction… we do give. Every year we contribute tons of plastic bags and waste to kill the corals, where the fishes live and breed.

Fishing fever

Photos taken in Pitas, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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