Happy Free Meal

This frog has been enjoying free buffet there for 3 days. Every evening, he always comes to the same spot on time, eating all the ants passing in front of him. The ants only discovered their friends disappeared next to them, one by one in split second. When they looked around for the enemy, they only saw something liked a pile of lifeless brown shit.

Frog eating ants

Their sixth-sense told them that there was something seriously wrong, but they could not figure out why. So more and more ants gathering and wandering nearby the suspicious spot. This only made the frog even happier. Isn’t it a thrill to do bad thing without being detected? Haha… evil me..


Happily, the frog eats more and more…

Frog waits for food

Tour package to Mari-Mari Cultural Village

More and more…

Frog inflating

And more and more… until it is nearly exploded.

inflating frog

Without doubt, tomorrow he will come back again for more. lol…

inflated frog

This is quite a common frog in Sabah I don’t know its name). After heavy rain at night, you can hear them crying loud “Hong… Hong…” in the drain. They are very easy to catch by hand coz they are fat and slow. I would say their jumping skill is the worst among all the frog species. To survive, they have two “techniques”. First, stay motionless so the predators can’t “see” it. There are many animals are as stupid as ants. That’s why this frog won’t extinct. If this method fails, it will inflate its body to make itself looks really big, to scare the enemy away. So cute…

Photos taken in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

2 thoughts on “Happy Free Meal

  1. SmokeHead, you quit photographing Kaamatan Unduk Ngadaus this year??? I really miss ur photos and photos from kadusmusic dot com: the photos at undukngadau dot com are damn small!!!

  2. ya.. how did u find out i didn’t photograph unduk ngadau this year? i had done coverage 4 unduk ngadau for past 2 years, i want 2 rest this year, haha…

    another reason is i know there r so many bloggers photograph the unduk ngadau, so this year i wanted 2 focus more on other kaamatan events.

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