Haha Lion Dance

It is almost a month I have stopped blogging. Suck… Due to job commitment, I hardly had time to walk around during KK City Day 2007 and Chinese New Year. When my friends saw me, they would act like they discovered something shocking and said, “WAH! Smoke Head, your skin is so WHITE now!” Sigh…

Lion dance of Sabah Malaysia

However, I still managed to shoot a few photos and vidoes of lion dance. I select the interesting stunt and “screw-up” part of the lion dance and put them all in a video. You may click the photo to play it. You will see doggy lion, horsy lion, peeing lion, fallen lion… in the video clip. The first part is my favourite because I think it is the drum pattern created locally?

Lion dance of Sabah Malaysia

Photos taken in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

Tour package to Semporna

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