Unduk Ngadau, Kota Marudu (Day 3)

MySabah.com is incomplete without covering the Unduk Ngadau. I have been waiting a year for this traditional beauty pageant of Sabah, which is part of the celebration for Harvest Festival (Kaamatan) of KadazanDusun community. I shot hundreds of photos, until my 1.5 GB memory was full. The weather was bad that the rain and dark condition made my photography harder. I worried that I would miss any important moment so I stayed around the stage from 10 AM to 6 PM, even skipping my lunch.

Unduk Ngadau
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Unduk Ngadau, is also known as Harvest Festival Beauty Queen Pageant, is carried out annually in different district during May, the Kaamatan month. To celebrate the launching of state-level Kaamatan Festival, Kota Marudu organised an Unduk Ngadau on May 1. There were 28 KadazanDusun ladies participated this year (The last number is No.30, but No.5 and No. 27 never showed up). They all dressed up in traditional costumes such as Kadazan Penampang, Kadazan Papar, Dusun Tuaran, Rungus, Tobilung, Kimaragang, Tindal.

Unduk Ngadau
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There were only 2 rounds. The first round was a catwalk, followed by a IQ test session for individual. Then 15 ladies were shortlisted for the final round, based on the total score of their look and IQ. From there, top 5 winners would be chosen. I share 114 of their photos here. Satisfaction guaranteed as i didn’t miss out anyone of them. I post at least 3 photos for each beauty, so you can really see them from different angle and up-close. This time I publish the photos at bigger version. Hope you will like them.

Unduk Ngadau
Click Here to see 114 photos of Unduk Ngadau >>

Tour package to Mataking

Below is the result of Unduk Ngadau for Kota Marudu:
Unduk Ngadau 2006: Kelly Jubin (Contestant No. 19)
1st Runner-Up: Amylia Edmund (Contestant No. 25)
2nd Runner-Up: Dionysia Marius @ Alice (Contestant No. 24)
3rd Runner-Up: Ellyca Paul (Contestant No. 3)
4th Runner-Up: Aheronica Chen (Contestant No. 26)

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  1. hey, nice job! it’s already the month of may where all the fun things happen. I wish i could be back in Sabah but oh well. I’m glad i found this site to keep track with all the happenings back home.

    Good one 🙂

  2. hohoho, ppl steal ur work is bcoz u getting famous n to the THIEVE aiyo plz la ppl say “steal also need moral” hope u understand this Smoky Head really work very hard to get his shots one la, give some respect, shame on u mr. THIEVE!

  3. smokehead, have you publicised/advertised this website/blog to the relevant forums/ppl/newspapers/depts/websites? How many ppl are following this blog the world over? For all the work you’ve done, you deserve more monetization.

  4. yupp..i agree with pinolobu. i can find more info here than anywhere else. maybe u could work something out with the people from sabah tourism. like, let them link ur site or something…good stuff!!

  5. To Eat This:

    hmmm, wonder what you meant by “all bull shit!!!!” ? i bet SmokeHead do steps plenty of bull’s shit before he could snap those amazing pics 😀

    or r u the one that steal, and think stealing other ppl’s work is a kind of jokes?

  6. Lu cakap ini hasil kerja meh? I don’t see any interesting pictures or whateverlah…
    Kalau ni lah hasil kerja lu… adik gua umur 1 tahun pun boleh click kamera…..

  7. Kalau pasal nak click gambar ‘sumandak’ nombor satu…. tiada ceriter lain ker nak cakap…
    tak habis-habis pasal kaamatan…, ratu cantik ler… inilah … itulah…
    cubalah bangkitkan isu-isu semasa yang lebih panas untuk kebaikan semua masyarakat untuk kita sama-sama debatkan… baru trill sikit…

  8. I wonder why “Eat This” got sooo pissed?? I thought, “SmokeHead” is the 1 who should pissed, when someone stole his works.. Aai..

    Anyway, the Unduk Ngadau winner is a little dissapointing.. :p

  9. this is a photoblog, what part of it you don’t understand.
    kalau mau debat pigi sana sabahforum, and your semenanjung slang makes me want to puke.

  10. Thank you for sharing loads of photos here. A job very well done. Makes me realised that there are so many other events out there.
    So looking forward to see more photos and more info.

    To Eat This:
    “Kalau ni lah hasil kerja lu… adik gua umur 1 tahun pun boleh click kamera”– Tai ko lah… your adik can only dunk the camera into the bullshit for you to eat.

  11. hi..

    just wanna let you know that her name is Kelly Juhin. Her younger sister, Maslyn Juhin was Unduk Ngadau Kota Marudu 2005. Anyway, really nice to have their photos here… (^_^)

  12. HallOOOoooo…. visitor or whateverlah…
    Unduk Ngadau contest lu cakap boleh dapat info?
    Come on man… Kalau nak dapat info, jenguk-jenguklah Edisi Siasat ker… 999 ker… barulah dapat info…
    Kalau nak tengok ni… tak usah mimpilah nak dapat info…
    Kalau nak tengok TV, tengok movie….
    Sampai bila2 awak seperti katak dibawah tempurung jer…

  13. To Eat This
    If you envy people work say something nicer. This is a blog that open to the public, so by interpreting what you have said seem to be that you should get out from the tempurung, fuck TV, just relax should be thankful for the effort of Mr SmokeHead spending time snapping all this elegent pictures of the contestant and publishing here for you to see. Be wiser dont just say something that goes back to you. I bet you dont even own a camere and quoting again “adik gua umur 1 tahun pun boleh click kamera” BullShit I think you smoke too much Crazy Glue that cause all your judgement gone awry wrong.Sekian from New York I wish all the best to this web site and to SmokeHead for all his work, without it the day will pass longer. Thanks!!!

  14. Aha… i think ‘kepala asap’ dah pakat dengan lu pasal ni… Anyway, kalau itulah awak cakap ia berbaloi untuk awak… I rasa esh…esh… esh…. kolotnya kepala hotak… patutlah kepala selalu berasap…
    I ada satu soalan… Why Sabahan, sebut pasal keramaian mesti ada arak? Tanpa arak tak boleh hidup ker?
    Patutlah sampai sekarang sabah tak pernah maju…
    Bukan maju dari segi luaran, tetapi dari minda manusia termasuk awak…

  15. Eat This,

    it’s highly inappropriate for you to say that Sabahans lives revolves around drinking and to make it worse, that they’re never gonna progress because of the drinking habit. why shouldn’t we celebrate occasions and drink at the same time? it’s not like we drink 24 hours a day.Please don’t tell me that only Sabahans drink during occasions such as this. I’m sure our other counterparts ie. Malay, CHinese Indian and all other indigeneous races drink as well! For example, the Malay could be drinking ‘air sirap’. Anyway, drinking to us sabahans is analogous to having rendang & ketupat during Raya, or even having presents for Xmas.im sure Raya could feel meaningless without the taste of ketupat&rendang dont you think so? Why would someone condemn another just because the latter is having a good time? bear in mind that it’s deeply rooted in our culture that any celebration would involve some form of alcohol(just like how Tuak is important during Gawai).But i assume, you wouldn’t know much about this huh?

    On another note, this is a blog specifically dedicated to the happenings around Sabah ie.promoting tourism and such, in case you haven’t noticed. So if you prefer more hot gossips like what you mentioned “999” and “edisi siasat”, please turn on your tv.Or else, i’d suggest the local newspapers/political blogs. since this site doesn’t cater ur taste, there’s no need to be rude. all you have to do is leave and never come back.

  16. paling sia benci urang yg pakai i-i you you nih. member sia dari selangor pun geli apa lagi sia nih. ingat ko tinggal kl ko bagus dari org di negeri lain. sia tinggal 5 tahun di sana and i know what’s up in there. planet hollywood, hard rock teda arak? haha, oh ya pasal kemajuan lorong haji taib sia setuju memang kemajuan syabas!

    cuba fikir balik cerita yang ko suruh jenguk dalam 999/edisi siasat, paling banyak kes di mana? that’s right kay el kay el yo!

  17. dan cuba fikir balik faham ka apa tuh photoblog? kalo mo bincang politik masuk blog politik lim kiat siang ka atau jeff ooi. mau bincang sosial masuk forum berkaitan.
    kenapa marah dengan kaunter tiket kalo engkau sebenarnya nak beli setem, get it genius?

  18. Aha… Sia tu aper?
    I rasa awak dah masuk perangkap sendiri…
    Lain kali kalau nak cakap atau nak buat lawak bodoh sekali pun… fikir dulu…
    I tahu awak memang tak tahu nak cakap apa … main belasah jer…
    ‘cuba fikir balik faham ka apa tuh photoblog? kalo mo bincang politik masuk blog politik lim kiat siang ka atau jeff ooi. mau bincang sosial masuk forum berkaitan.
    kenapa marah dengan kaunter tiket kalo engkau sebenarnya nak beli setem, get it genius?’
    Awak cakap apa ni?
    I lebih tahu dari awak aper dia Photoblog…
    Bagi I terangkan untuk awak…
    mysabah.com nih… untuk aper?
    Nak ‘kutuk’ pasal battery Energizer?
    Kalau nak kutuk… nak komplan ker… pergilah Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna…. bukan sini…
    Satu lagi…

  19. “Kalau nak kutuk… nak komplan ker… pergilah Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna…. bukan sini…”

    cakap tak serupa bikin 🙂

  20. To Mr. EatSh|t:

    Please leave, nobody wanna read your CREATIVE COMMENTS

    “mysabah.com nih… untuk aper?” MySabah.com is a photoblog website that post photo of “SABAH: Negeri Di Bawah Bayu”, not other place (example: KL), this include culture, happening, big things, small things, anythings (the energizer was purchased at a shop at Kota Kinabalu, CLEAR?)

    “Patutlah sampai sekarang sabah tak pernah maju…Bukan maju dari segi luaran, tetapi dari minda manusia termasuk awak…” from this i can see that your brain is smaller than my ballz, use your a$$ to think is better…

    This isn’t your website, ain’t you pay for this, sickly can say if I pay a website and I post something like “CURSE EAT-SHI|T n IT’S FAMILY” what you can do to me? just FARK OFF

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    so Mr.EatSh|+, just leave m|m

  21. Aha… Moanster or Monkey or… whateverlah…
    Petroleum, Rubber, Palm oil…
    Come on… U still Paying RM1.90 per Liter for Petrol, RM1.80++ for Diesel
    Tarak free punya for SABAHAN… or 50% discount…
    205/45/16 GT Tyre RM350 1pc… Tarak discount 50%…
    Boleh ler kalau awak beli used japan tyre RM120 for same size….
    1kg Palm oil cooking oil… (Local Made) RM2.50…
    Even 1kg Palm oil dia cas awak RM2.50…?
    Geli hati bila awak cakap awak ada semua benda nih….
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    Itu pun bukan bapak awak punya pulau…. NO MONEY… GET LOST MAN!
    Beli kereta? Esh….Esh… Eeh…. All Bullshit like u…
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    Free Tax? Gi mampuslah…..

  22. Monkey… Moanster…. aper-aperlah…
    Buat malu… hidung tak mancung, pipi tersorong-sorong…..
    Harta bukan bapak awak punya… nak mengaku pulak….
    Piiiiiiiiiiiiiii lah!

  23. This Blog is getting better. Lets ask SmokeHead to reveal the real identity of Eat This using his isp and track the location using whois for the asian and pacific region. Shouldnt be a problem, unless SmokeHead object. Thanks!!!By the way I am from New York just enjoying all the pretty pictures of Sabahan Sumandak. Keep the GOOD work Mr.SmokeHead.

  24. Phew… just got home after the trip to Tawau, Kudat, Pulau Banggi.. What is happening here? O_o I will get back to you guys later after reading all the comments.

  25. Oh nothing serious, just a troll enjoying the attention Smoke Head . Poor guy don’t understand that this is your blog and you can damn well post whatever you want as long as it is within the confines of the law.

    Remember, if the topics get too sensitive a police report can be lodged.

    There are many reasons why Sabah is less developed than the other states in the country and to conclude it all to drinking just showed your level of intelligence (or lack thereof). Anyway, I’m done here. Bash me all you want, I’ll be waiting for it. Nothing amuses me more than to see childish, baseless, emotional comebacks from a delusional person 🙂

  26. emily, i c…
    maybe can just ignore him. i m too lazy 2 talk 2 loser like him. his comments are total crap, so i dun have any feeling or interest about them.

    but thanks him 4 comparing my little blog with tv programmes that done by million dollar company.

  27. hahahahahaha admin the best, now left only “eek!” cant stop laughing, best entertainer of all the time~

  28. troll – is someone who comes into an established community such as an online discussion forum, and posts inflammatory, rude or offensive messages designed to annoy and antagonize the existing members or disrupt the flow of discussion

  29. Eat This,

    whether you can come back, you got to ask me. i will delete every single stupid comment that you post. i got lot of time to piss u off.

  30. hai lama sudah bah tidak balik sabah nie.. termiss pula itu sumandak sana… aiya…
    nasib baik ada nie blog buli juga saya tingok tingok…

    well thanks man… ai ARAMAI TIE!!!!!!

    bah kalu ada video kan bagus.. ada ka???? sorry kie saya tidak tahu bah….

    “urang kita,kita urang” ai abu bakar ela bah tue…

  31. Nice site with excellent photos of the Jungle/Forest and the animals.
    Why are there so many Beauty/Model competitions?

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