Sulug Island

8AM morning at the ferry terminal next to Customs Office in KK…
Staff: (full of doubt) “Are you sure you want to go to Sulug Island?”
Me: “Yes, I am.”
Staff: “There is nobody there lah. What are you doing there?”
Me: “I am a photographer. I just want to take some pictures there.”
Staff: “I see. You also can try Manukan or Sapi Island.” (try to change my mind)
Me: (say firmly) “I have been there. Now I WANT to go to Sulug Island.”
Staff: “OK… how many of you going?”
Me: “Only me, one person.”
Staff: (!!!) “Ah… Mmmm….” (Reluctantly) “That will be a bit hard. Lets see if there is any boatman willing to take you there.”

Sulug Island

It was like that, to go to Sulug Island. I was asked more than 10 times, by different person, why I wanted to go there. However, everytime they questioned, the more they made me wanted to go, coz it sounded like an unexplored land to me. The two-way fare is RM19, all the boatmen were not willing to send only one person there, coz Sulug Island is quite far. After I added another RM15, one of them agreed to send me there (well, they are not supposed to have this out-of-receipt deal). :-/

Sulug Island
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After 1.5 hour, I stepped on Sulug Island, my first time being there. They were right. This island got NOTHING, no jetty, no shop, no restaurant, no toilet… Besides me, there was only one orang putih camping there, and a few local fishermen taking a rest there. I like the long stretch of white and fine sandy beach that extend far to the sea. So this island looks like a “T” shape from the sky. I was walking excitedly on the powder white sand. The feeling was so free, as if the whole island was mine. You only see the colours of nature on this island, blue sky and sea water, green trees, white sand… really a getaway place.

Sulug Island
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The most outstanding part is that the edge of the beach is covered with tons of corals and seashells. You don’t see this kind of “carpet” in other islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. Since tourists are rarely here to disturb, many seashells remain intact on the beach. Within an hour, I already collected a lot of them. Since I didn’t want to take them away, I put them together on the sand and took a group picture for them *Say Cheese…*. This is such a wonderful and unique island, I wonder why Sabah Parks did not develop this island into a tourist spot.

Sulug Island
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I think this island is an ideal spot for camping. There is no facility on this island, so you can totally return to the wild, haha… If I camp here, I will do things such as fishing, BBQ, swimming (nakedly haha), collecting seashells… The sea wave here is also quite strong, so you need to be extra careful if you swim. OK, you may click the link below to view 48 photos of Sulug Island, if you never been there.

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6 thoughts on “Sulug Island

  1. Isn’t it better that they don’t develop the island? We already have the more famous Gaya and Manukan, so let Sulug be untouched for a different feel 🙂

  2. Emily, the island is not actually not developed, it was at some time ago, then sabah park decided to abadone the place.. hence the small cafe/toilet/jetty all got destroyed. Smokehead, glad u enjoyed your island hopping, to bad you did not catch any orang putih sun bathing topless. you will usually see some divers on the island, more sealife around that area.

  3. Photographer Job = Bring the unseen to everyone around the world, get the best view/presentation, show people around that Sabah does have places that are worth going …

    I’ve been to Mamutik, Sapi, Manukan, Tiga sooooooo many times before but yet didnt have any good pictures to share with, since back then I know shit about photography. Thanks for the pictures … they are in-fact very good pictures.

  4. Thanks, Ah Tak, I have seen your blog. You can take better photos than I am. Looking forward to see your pulau photos soon. 🙂

  5. wow! seems like you like being there.. Sulug has beautiful dive spots and not so many divers went to dive there.. less people, more time to explore and enjoy the underwater adventure

    1. I always want to go back to Sulug Island for second visit, but all boat operators want me to charter the boat as no tourist going there. 🙁

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