Pesta Kaamatan 2006 (State-Level Celebration)

The Pesta Kaamatan (Harvest Festival) Grand Finale is celebrated at Penampang KDCA from May 30 to 31 every year. It is the biggest, most colourful and best cultural festival in Sabah. If you visit the first time, you will be totally “lost” coz you will see so many unique and beautiful costumes that you cannot name. You will be busy finding out “who are those people? Their costume is so cool,” “where are they from?”… If you are interested in costumes of indigenous people from all over Sabah, this is the BEST time to see them. I read the news the next day and found that 3 newspapers got the names of certain ethnic groups wrong.

Harvest Festival
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There were so many things to see and experience, so I was there for 2 FULL days, 8 AM to 4 PM (but still not enough time to shoot everything). However, I was a bit disappointed coz the scale was smaller. For example, last year they got 6 booths for 6 ethnic groups, this year only got 3. And most of the programme and performance were quite same as last year. Nothing much new. Anyway, the event was still great. I have grouped 100+ photos into 11 categories for you to view. Trust me. I take better pictures than last year.

Bisaya Bobohizan Bonggi Kadazan Papar Dusun Tindal Lotud

Harvest Festival
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The biggest pleasant surprise is the Dusun Tombonuo from Pitas (northern part of Sabah). Their colourful headgear is so cool that they became the favourite of all photographers. I never saw such costume in any magazine, book and culture exhibition. Besides the booth, there are 8+ traditional houses and a stage that had cultural performance. Sometimes they got wedding demo inside the house. So I search for goodies from house to house and managed to get photos of Lotud and Dusun Tindal brides. I was also very glad to see Bobohizans / Bobolians, the high priestesses of the KadazanDusun. You can only see them in VERY important function.

Lundayeh Murut Sumazau Dusun Tindal Tombonuo Others

Harvest Festival
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13 thoughts on “Pesta Kaamatan 2006 (State-Level Celebration)

  1. Re the Bonggi man with the spear. He has the legs of a much younger man! Notice the toe on his right foot. He actually joined in their dance (was that planned?)

    I have never seen the Dusun Tombonuo headgear either. THey never displayed their trad gear in any kaamatan festival/sabah fest etc before this?

  2. pinolobu, i think that bonggi man was like lost in the dance.. 🙂 he was in KDCA last year too.

    i read the news that this is the first time tombonuo joining the kaamatan celebration in KDCA. until today, i still got “surprised” by the diversity of sabah ethnic groups occasionally.

    i miss the Murut Nabai a lot. the headgear of their female is also very impressive.

  3. smokehead: funny you should mention the bonggi man. in the official kaamatan programme book he was in one of the pictures for kaamatan 2005 with the caption: “once in a lifetime trip to state level kaamatan celebration for old man still clad in traditional attire”. Well, not once in a lifetime anymore – he decided to come back this year! And perhaps, next year as well, and next, and next…….

  4. pinolobu, i also got the news clip about the bonggi man in Kaamatan 2005. he generated a lot of interest last year. i have habit of collecting newsclip about Sabah tourism events..

  5. For sure i’ll not feelin’ soooo excited….coz i’m away from my state…huhu 🙁 very sad..i can’t go to KDCA on the 31 May 2006. If u go there, i’m sure u’ll see many cute girls.. *wink *wink =) i don’t know where the girls hiding before and after 31 May every year…hehe. Besides that, it is a colourful day with people with their traditional costumes…such a perfect day to bring a camera and take their costumes (+ all the cute girls..hehe). Just make sure u bring enough film/bigger memory card and also batteries+mineral waterSS…take their pictures and bring them to your fantasies…hahaha..
    ehem..ok that’s enuf…

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