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Pesta Kaamatan 2005, Sabah, Malaysia

Below are the selected photos of state level Harvest Festival (Pesta Kaamatan) held at Hongkod Koisaan (KDCA, Kota Kinabalu) from May 30 to 31, 2005. Pesta Kaamatan is celebrated in May by the Kadazandusun community for celebration of harvesting of rice. It is also one of the most colorful event where you can see all the indigenous people in their traditional attires. Nearly 300 photos and 18 video clips for your viewing pleasure here.

The People & Costumes

Dusun Segama Subpan Lotud Tuaran Murut Keningau Kimaragang

Dusun Lobou Sook Dusun Tindal Tombonuo, Beluran Visitors

Music & Dances

Sumazau Bamboo Dance More Performance

Cute & Interesting Stuffs

Kids in Action Handicraft Exhibition