Mt. Kinabalu = 4,101M?

Mount Kinabalu On 19 Aug 1997, everyone has learnt from the local and national newspapers that the official height of Mount Kinabalu is 4,095.2m (13,432.26 ft), not 4,101m (13,455 ft). After 10 years, someone still hasn’t updated the information. Just grab a copy of “Going Places”, a free inflight magazine for all passengers of MAS Airline. Flip to the page that has the Malaysia map and look at Sabah state.

Mount Kinabalu

The Sabah map below is from the Sep 2007 issue of Going Places. As you can see, the height of Mount Kinabalu is still posted as 4,101 M. I think million copies of such mistake had been printed for 10 years. Time to remind MAS to change it.

Mount Kinabalu

This error was even more obvious in older issue (see below) of Going Places coz the map of Borneo was taking a full A4 page.

Mount Kinabalu

Tour package to Kota Kinabalu

Nevermind lah, people make mistake sometimes. I also thought that Mt. Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Southeast Asia. After doing a search on the net, I found that the Mt. Hkakabo Razi, with a height of 5,881 Metres (19,295 ft), in Myanmar (Burma) is the highest in Southeast Asia. Mt. Carstensz (Puncak Jaya), with a height of 4,884 Metres (16,024 ft), in Indonesia, is the second highest. So Mt. Kinabalu is the 3rd highest in Southeast Asia (but still the highest in Malaysia and Borneo). I also need to update my web site then…

Photos taken in Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

2 thoughts on “Mt. Kinabalu = 4,101M?

  1. interesting, however i found out that in one website stating that Mt Kinabalu in fact is the 5th Highest Mt in SEA.…heast-asia.html

    1. Hkakabo Razi
    5881m, Burma

    2. Puncak Jaya
    5030m, Indonesia

    3. Trikora
    4751m, Indonesia

    4. Mandala
    4701m, Indonesia

    5. Mt. Kinabalu
    4094m, Malaysia

    nevertheless…geografically, Puncak Jaya, Puncak Trikora and Puncak Mandala are all located in Irian Jaya – the Indonesian part of the island of New Guinea which is in fact part of OCEANIA!! and Hkakabo Razi is part of himalayan crockers which is situated at middle asia/south asia continent….

    Therefore geografically…Mt Kinabalu are still the highest Mt in SEA!! But because Myanmar and Indonesia are part of ASEAN/SEA countries…it means that whatever they have is included in SE Asia.

    Just my two cents….

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