Lee Hom Promo Tour

Lee Hom Concert

If you ask me where was the hottest place last night, I would not hesitate to answer you that was the Lee Hom Promo Tour (something like a mini-concert) at KDCA Penampang. The show started at 8 PM but I already saw a queue there around 2 PM, coz those hardcore fans wanted to get the best position. When I got there again around 5:40 PM, the parking lot is 90% occupied already. I estimate there were about 4,000 to 5,000 audiences.

I don’t think anyone of you will ask me who is Lee Hom, right? He is a superstar. It was so crowded that I had to move inch by inch in the crowd nearly 30 minutes to enter the hall. Needless to say, the hall was totally full. I was not holding a VIP ticket so I was quite far behind. But thanks to the 12x zoom of my camera, I still could capture a few reasonably good shots and share them here.

Lee Hom Concert

Lee Hom Concert

The show started at 7:45 PM, with 5 fans being invited on stage to sing Lee Hom’s songs. Then Lee Hom came on stage at 8:10 PM. Click Here to see video clip (Length: 1 minute, Size: 2.2 MB, Windows Media Video) of audience’s responses when Lee Hom appeared after a long wait. I was so surprised that Sabah fans can be so crazy. I could not hear him sang liao. Near the end of this video clip, you also can hear clearly a moi moi cai (little girl) says “Very Liang Chai (handsome) oh!!!~” Huh? Lee Hom was so far away, she could tell meh? Probably she was saying me. Haha…

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Lee Hom Concert

It was not a concert, so the show ended at 8:30 PM, after Lee Hom sang a few songs of his new album “Heroes of Earth”. Then there was a signature gathering until 9:50 PM. I was waiting in the l…o…n…g… thousand-people-queue for over an hour to get his signature, though Lee Hom did not shake hand and take picture with the fans.

Lee Hom Concert

Due to the long wait, a few times the worried crowd almost lost control and wanted to rush to the front. The MC had to keep on promising many times that Lee Hom would sign ALL the albums, to cool down the crowd. Even though Lee Hom tried to be fast, he would always do eye contact with his fan after signing each album (OK lah… he is really a lot more liang chai than me. I have to admit that). I also got the signature. If you want it, please make an offer and I would sell it to you. Just kidding…

Lee Hom Concert

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  1. i drove pass and took a peek at 5pm… man was it full… full of kiddies and little moi moi’s… lucky them its school holidays. i guess the organisers got their money worth.. if lee hom signed 1500 cd’s + posters.. selling at rm 47 each.. thats 70k+ there. not bad for 3 hours work ^_^

  2. errr….Lee Hom? I’ve never heard of him! Well, that’s not surprising considering I dont speak any Chinese dialect nor particularly a fan of cantopop, or mandapop or anything in a similar vein. Dont get me wrong, I’m a fan of any good music, although I could only think of only 2 world-class Chinese songs in the past few years.

  3. hi hi..came here to check out whether u hav the pics…haha and u have them.I was there too this time again..^ ^

  4. kylie, yes, I have some more photos. The quality is not so good coz it was dark n lee hom was too far away.

  5. Hi guys! I oso did go 2 d concert n i wuz standing in frnt of d stage tat time. I oso did take footage of him n oso some gud n clear pixs. Anybdy who wan 2 get it, jus msg me at msn. TQ.

    email & msn : ayi_raeno87@yahoo.com

    p/s : can somebdy tel me hw 2 publish d concert video here..?

  6. Emily: Be cool. Don’t get the feeling of offended so easily. Smoke Head already said “…(I am) a fault-finder and arrogant Sabahan. Get ready to be offended by my posts, especially those who are not cool…….”

  7. Emily, just ignore that idiot. He has been using multiple identities to post negative messages. I know coz the posts are all from the same IP address. I have been watching this soh chai who thinks he is smart to hide himself.

    ComeauxFeng, thanks for introducing sabahlife.com. Really a lot of photos man…

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