Crickets come with many sizes. Some use it to feed the fish. Some use it to make weird food. Some use it to gamble. For those of us who grew up without Playstation, Internet, Astro TV and computers, crickets were our friends, our pet and even toy.

There is one type of Giant Cricket that live in caves and it preys on defenseless baby birds. I will try to get its picture if I visit Gomantong Cave or Madai Cave of Sabah. The green one in this picture is about 3-inch (7cm) in length. The colour and shape of its wings look like green leaf. For this shoot, I was using fast shutter speed with fill-in flash. That’s why the background looks dark even though it was afternoon.


Cricket is my favourite photo shooting target coz they are the most cooperative, if compared to other insects that always try to flee. You also can see the photos of cricket I took in Klias and Tawau.

When I looked back the photos, I found something odd near its tail (see photo at the left below). Are these eggs or parasite or something else inside the holes? They look quite disgusting.


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Photos taken in KK Wetland Centre, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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