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The Bread’s Attack by Bake Code

Do you know what 4pm means to Malaysians? It’s afternoon tea time when you would see many people enjoying coffee in Kopitiam (Coffee Shop) and waiting for the fresh buns, tarts and pastries hot from the oven. Bread is an important part of our Kopitiam culture. The range of breads we have for tea break is so diverse that it would astound British, who introduced the high-tea culture to us.

Variety of breads by Bake Code
Variety of breads by Bake Code

There are more and more foreign breads being introduced to Sabah in recent years, probably it’s a trend and demand created by large number of Malaysian students return from overseas. I’m one of those who misses the breads we had overseas and wants to “find back” such tastes in Sabah.

Bake Code of Kota Kinabalu
New type of kopitiam

In the past, whenever I saw new bakery shops opened, I would try out their breads. They are not bad, but most of them are mass produced and taste quite similar, except the topping and outer layer. Besides, I don’t like mayonnaise, which has been overused in local bakery.

The bread corner in ZenQ Lintas Square
The bread corner in ZenQ Lintas Square

Now I may have found my holy grail at Bake Code Bakery & Cafe, which has almost 90 types of breads but each tastes so distinctly different from one another. 70% of them are European breads (mainly French and Danish), and all breads are baked daily.

Interior of Bake Code in ZenQ Lintas Square
Interior of Bake Code in ZenQ Lintas Square

Currently Bake Code Bakery & Cafe has two outlets in Kota Kinabalu City (KK), one at ZenQ Lintas Square (see Location Map) and another one in City Mall (see Location Map). They plan to open four more outlets in future.

Bake Code in ZenQ Lintas Square
Bake Code in ZenQ Lintas Square

Bake Code is a franchise under La Kaffa, which is a very successful firm with chain stores in over 20 countries.

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Bake Code has a variety types of bread which consist of the soft French bread, Taiwanese bread, french bread, danish bread, etc.
Bake Code has a variety types of bread which consist of the soft French bread, Taiwanese bread, French bread, Danish bread, etc.

Bake Code Bakery & Cafe has become another favourite gathering place for young people. The cafe is air-conditioned and Wifi is provided. We can sit there comfortably to enjoy our afternoon tea in aroma of fresh breads instead of second-handed smoke from peskey smokers next to our table.

Eating bread
To nom or not to nom. Not a hard decision
Girls taking photo with breads
Girls love the breads because they are low fat and low sugar (based on European standards). From Left: Charlotte, Chloe and Meitzeu.

Soft French breads and French breads are the signature breads for Bake Code. Their most notable breads are The Crown, Chinese Goji Berry Roll, Rum Raisin Ring, Sailor’s Special, Double Cheese Ring, Roll’ n Cheese, Chinese Longan Roll and Cranberry Flaxseed bread.

Soft French Bread
Soft French Bread, one of the signature breads of Bake Code
Cranberry Cheese Bread
Cranberry Cheese Bread, one of the best selling breads. Look at the generous amount of cheese!

If you are unsure which ones to go for, you can start with their top 5 best selling breads, namely, Mr. Chocolate Bean, The Crown, Garlic Cheese, Cheese Triangle and Cranberry Flaxseed.

Mr. Chocolate Bean
Mr. Chocolate Bean, probably your Mr. Right too

Personally, I love their Earl Grey Bread, Cheese Triangle (sold out fast!) and Cranberry Cheese Bread. There are many other breads that I haven’t tried though. They are still adding more choices.

European breads
Majority of breads sold at Bake Code are European breads infused with different ingredients including cream cheese, tuna, dried fruits

The main reason I love their breads is because Bake Code lets the taste of bread itself play the leading role, other ingredients are just in place to enhance its taste and fragrance. The flavoring is so rich and deeply absorbed into every part of the breads. While eating, you won’t get the feeling that the baker is stingy in putting more cheese, butter or filling. It’s the type of quality homemade breads that mothers prepare for their children.

Tuna Cream Cheese
Tuna Cream Cheese, incorporated with tuna, onion, garlic, herbs, and soft cream cheese, the taste is unexpectedly explosive.

I also buy some of their breads back home as breakfast next day, to assure that I’ll wake up with a smile. Don’t you think that having a delicious breakfast is a great way to start your day?

The Crown bread of Bake Code
The Crown, one of the local favorite

The following are more info of Bake Code Bakery & Cafe:
Facebook page: MyBakeCode
Opening Hours: ZenQ Lintas Square (11am – 11pm), City Mall (10am – 10pm)

Interior of Bake Code in ZenQ Lintas Square
ZenQ Lintas Square

Photos taken in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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