A Letter to International Circus Association

Dear Sir,

I from Malaysia, got some business thing want to talk talk to you. Kalau can make money, of course we can kongsi kongsi lah. You half, I half. I got a few lions to feed. Now nobody want to watch lion dancing. My son also say lion cannot fly, cannot play magic, cannot sing, cannot make him laugh. Only Tu Chia Tu Chia, very noisy and boring wah. Friends also say no sexy liang moi and lion dance 100 years still look the same. No market liao. We do most business in Chinese New Year. Those stupid houses and shops very stingy one, only give 1 dollar or 2 dollar ang pow and still thick face, want us to go into their places to “bye bye” their 18th ancestors. See or not? Where got enough money to eat?

I know circus business also not many money one. Animal Abuse Society say you very bad because you beat horses, beat lions, beat tigers, beat elephants, make them to show show. Hard business and very costly, kan? We can partner mah. I give you lions for all purpose, so you don’t need wild animals. Smart leh? My new ideas is in the pictures below. The new lions will wear red nose like your bozo, cute or not? Kids will love it. You look look and think think first lah huh. You like it. You call me lah, ok.

James & Francis



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3 thoughts on “A Letter to International Circus Association

  1. imho, business-wise a good idea, but would it be acceptable culturally?

    nanti become like the dog-wearing-kadazan-costume controversy…

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