antique brass cannon

Cannon as Dowry?

Not Canon camera ah. Sabahans know it is a Kadazan Dusun custom to pay dowry with buffalo.


What if you offer a bronze cannon instead? Yes, you can, but in 13th century. I find this interesting “bride price” in the museum inside Sabah Trade Centre.


Just read the label if you don’t believe me. Probably bronze was a precious metal in the past, so you could use it like money.


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But I am curious how they used it. Place it in front of the house as a display of wealth? Or melt it to make sword or other stuffs?

Photos taken in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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  1. wao.. u been to the museum ah.. seldom ppl go there wor…The time most ppl go is the 1st day opening day 2 years ago.. 2nd day.. 0 customer.. hahahah… why i know.. ehhehehe my office is jz upstairs… hohohoh, if i know u visit here, i belanja u makan outside the shop to support u on this blog.. heheh

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