War and Beauty

Drama Finally tonight is the last episode of War and Beauty. There is not many drama that makes me feels time passes so fast. Personally I am ok with the ending coz it makes sense. Some friends complain that the ending is “Eli O Lo”. They are not happy with the ending coz the bad people don’t die eventually, but many “good” people die.

I am glad that the story writer didn’t choose to make all the audiences happy by using something like kid’s fairy tale, to end the drama. Another thing that I particularly appreciate the story is that there is no absolute bad or good people. Everyone looks so “gray”, which is closer to the truth. And there are more “good” people die than bad people, which match the law of survival better.

Actually, in almost every drama, I tend to like the bad people better coz they are aggressive, smart, decisive and have the strong will to win. On the other side, the good people will look dumb, passive, and equipped with many other flaws that make him a born loser. Despite the disadvantages, somehow the losers will survive all the attack by luck and win in the LAST episode, where the bad people suddenly become stupid or out of luck, and fail miserably. A stupid ending that majority like (and expect)…

Next week at 9:30 pm Astro will show the kung fu drama that looks more like a star war. People can fly without wing, excessive explosion scenes, and all the actors dress like bozo… I think I will skip this one then. To be frank, I like the old kung fu drama created in the time when they didn’t use steel wire.

5 thoughts on “War and Beauty

  1. Eli O lo, i think its similar to li li lo lo, haphazard or rushed.
    smokehead, i guess ur friends just want a ‘perfect’ ending with all the questions and loose ends tied up / answered.

  2. sorry, i was using something like hakka terms. i also got confused with US English spelling sometimes. thanks for pointing that out.

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