Activate the Lions

Lion is NOT a colorful big toy, though many find lion dance cute and entertaining. Lion is the guardian creature in Chinese tradition, so Chinese believes lions got spirit. A new lion is “lifeless” until it is given a spirit through the Eye-Dotting / Eye Opening Ceremony (点睛开光仪式). Without this step, using it will bring bad luck. To begin the ceremony, the lion will sit motionless to wait for someone, usually the VIP, to bless it by dotting 8 parts of its body with red ink.

Zzzz… Sleeping Lions

In the past, such ceremony was carried out in remote area (e.g. in the wood), under very very quiet environment, to summon the soul of the lion from the heaven into the lion. Nowadays, such ceremony can be done in public area. It has become more like a symbolic launching than religious practice already. That’s why I managed to take some photos of this ceremony.

Below are the sequences and meaning of the make-up:
(may vary in other countries)

(1) Forehead: life and soul of kindness
(2) Eyes: strong vision & view

(3) Nose: ability to distinguish the good and evil
(4) Mouth & Teeth: force & ambition

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(5) Ears: hearing & intelligence
(6) Horn: courage & power

(7) Foot: power to call prosperity
(8) Spine (from neck to tail): good luck til the end

The birth of the lions…

The lions start their first dance and bow to every direction.


Below is the script for your own use. You may use it to activate your new car, computer, microwave, coffee maker… No need to thank me if your car plate number wins 4D.

一点天灵 佛光普照
二点日月 万丈目光 眼目金光
三点灵鼻 能分邪恶 一气万里
四点金口 牙尖咀利 口吃四方
五点顺风 样样皆通 耳听八方
六点灵角 勇武双敌 唯我独尊
匕点四肢 能武能爪 招财进宝
笔下灵身 一路平安 大吉大利
醒狮起舞 我武威扬

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