Sorry. No ice-cream for your eyes

I don’t like going to the cinema very often. It always gave me a feeling that I watched the incomplete piece of the movie. They say pirated VCD is not original. However, to me, a movie that is censored is also NOT original. They always cut the BEST part. The so called 18SX rating, or whatever you name it, is purely meaningless junk. A 13-year-old kid in US can watch MORE than what the Malaysian adults watch here. I was always joking with my friends that all the movies shown in Malaysia are “children movies”, even those with a 18SX label. This ends up I have to watch the movie the second time on a DVD to see if I miss anything cool.

We Sabahan guys are so poor… Not only the movies and TV, even a sexy photo on a newspaper also got censored. These things were used to be my “spiritual food”. To see how they censor a photo, I took a few real photo samples from a local Chinese newspaper. Applying mosaic is one of the techniques to hide the eye candy. See the photos below. FYI, I got the original photos from the Net. Just do a search at or can find them.

In the past, they were using something like a marker pen to blacken the cool spot. Today the censorship by computer becomes so advance that you may not aware that you are looking at a censored picture. I am a designer, so their lousy editing skill cannot fool me. Hope the photos can feed those hungry souls. 😉


3 thoughts on “Sorry. No ice-cream for your eyes

  1. well.. nothing unusual… have u seen ranma 1/2 manga in malay.. its fully edited like the pictures abit… all ‘touched’ up to make it more ‘decent’. i guess the gov i scared seeing abit of skin turns all men into serial rapist or something…. welcome to the nanny state

  2. I had seen the Japanese version of “City Hunter” and “Movie Girls”. My jaw almost dropped coz they were so “revealing”. FYI, even Taiwan also did a bit of censorship to Ranma 1/2 (to cover the two points).

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