Sands Spit Island of Sabah

Sands Spit Island (Pulau Kalampunian Besar) of Pulau Tiga Islands

I’m so happy to come back to Sands Spit Island again. In my first visit, I said Sands Spit Island had one of the Most Beautiful Beaches of Sabah . After one year, I still say the same.

Sands Spit Island (Pulau Kalampunian Besar in Malay language) is a small island between Snake Island and Survivor Island of famous Pulau Tiga Islands Park. It was used to be a sand bar without any vegetation. Today it has grown so big that nobody thinks it’s only a sand bar.

Sands Spit Island
Pic: landing on Sands Spit Island, the island far behind is Snake Island

beach of Sands Spit Island
Pic: thanks to Edward and Candy (from Borneo Starcruise) for bringing me here.

Pulau Kalampunian Besar

sandy beach of Pulau Kalampunian Besar
The long sandy beach of Sands Spit Island stretches over one Kilometer. The beach is so pristine and nearly 100% paved by white sand, the dust of heaven. Some gives this island another nickname “Long Beach Island” (which is more marketable).

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sea of Sands Spit Island
The water here is also crystal clear and shallow, very suitable for swimming and snorkeling.

beach and Snake Island
Sands Spit Island is isolated from civilization, so you are cut off from any interruption such as Internet. It is a great place for family to have a “pure” vacation, as parents won’t be “phubbed” by their children who are busy looking at their smartphone, LOL.

Sands Spit Island of Pulau Tiga Island Park

Pulau Kalampunian Besar of Pulau Tiga Marine Park
More and more travel agents know the beauty of Sands Spit Island and introduce it to their customers. If you visit Pulau Tiga Island, you must drop by this island.

sand bar of Sands Spit Island
In my second visit, I decided to explore the far end of the Sands Spit Island to see what’s there.

walking on the beach
There were a few busybodies joining me too. 🙂 There were some tiny sandflies around this area. Just stay nearer to the sea to avoid them.

walking on sand bar
Pic: there is a narrow sand bar connecting to a small island far away.

sand bar
During low tide, you can walk over to another island.

family group photo
It’s kind of fun to stand in the middle where sea waves washing from both sides.

Moses split the sea
Look mom! I can split the sea like Moses.

sand bar of Sands Spit Island

sand bar and beach

family photo
Two families met and took a group photo.

You may watch the short video below to see the waves in motion:

picnic on the island
After swimming and walking, we rested under the shade of the trees.

resting under the trees
There is no man-made structure on this island, so Edward set up a canvas shelter and picnic area.

lunch on Sands Spit Island
We had our lunch (fried noodle, fried egg, curry chicken, meat dumpling) on the island. The food tasted so good after we had some activities. Tourists from other group even asked us if the food was for sale.

lunch on the island
Pic: enjoying meal in sea breeze of Sands Spit Island.

family trip to Sands Spit Island
Everyone is happy. It just can’t get any better.

leaving Sands Spit Island
Too bad we had to leave at last, but we can always come back.

mud volcano SPA
The fun hasn’t ended yet. Edward brought us for a Mud Volcano SPA on Pulau Tiga Island (Survivor Island) nearby.

mud volcano bath on Pulau Tiga island
We got all dirty after the mud bath. Now we had excuse to go to the beach again.

washing off the mud in the sea
Pic: washing ourselves in the sea

If you would like to have fun like us on Sands Spit Island, you may book a tour with Borneo Starcruise.

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Photos taken in Kuala Penyu, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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