Ghost Festival

The Ghost Festival is coming, so it is hard not to talk a bit about the “good brothers”. The road next to the Chinese cemetery at 2.5 miles Tuaran Road has been known as one of the haunted spots. I had heard many stories about it. It usually goes like this – a driver passed by this cemetery alone late at night and saw someone (usually female) waved hand at his car and wanted to take a ride. The driver stopped the car and picked her up. The passenger would say she wanted to visit her friends in Kolombong (there is another cemetery facing the Puu Toh Temple). When the driver reached the destination, one of the five things below would happen:
1) The passenger disappeared.
2) The driver saw something horrible in the mirror (then he would get sick for months or something).
3) The passenger got out and vanished in the dark, without opening the door.
4) The passenger revealed her ghost face. The driver lost control of his car and died in accident (HAHAHAHA… who told this story later then? The ghost or CSI?).
5) The passenger gave the driver some money. The next day it turned into paper money.
(In most versions, the good brother always sat in the back seat, as if she already planned to scare the driver.)
Well, I don’t know if the stories are real, but they definitely do not sound creative. You always hear the similar story everywhere (only the names of cemetery changed).

Personally I haven’t seen anything weird there so far. Sometimes I needed to pass by that road alone, after 10 pm. There were many times my car was the only car on that road. A few time I did smell something like a dead rat in my car. My brother even smelled strong perfume in the car. Last year my sister also saw a human figure with long hair covering the face, standing by the roadside around 11 pm. Until today, she still wonder if it was a “real” thing, or just somebody fooled around.

But there is a real incident. Many years ago, my cousin was staying with my family. He was a school boy studying in a school nearby the 2.5 mile cemetery. I don’t know what happened to his brain. One day he went to the Japanese cemetery with a few friends. He scolded the Japaneses for what they had done in World War II, then he “she-she” on a Japanese grave. From that night on, he would see a Japanese ghost, next to his bed, staring angrily at him every night. My cousin was so scared that he could not sleep well. He could not take it anymore so he told my mom. My mom ordered him to go back there again and apologize sincerely in front of that grave. After he did that, the ghost did not harass him again. I was a bit unhappy because this “visitation” happened in my room (my cousin slept in my room when I was studying overseas). And I am typing this story in this room now.

If you ask me if I believe in ghost? I also don’t know how to answer. It might be a form of energy or brain activities that cannot be explained by our knowledge today. People tend to be afraid of something that they do not know or understand, and they will relate it with ghost or God. In the past, people also think that lightning was the act of God. Now we all know it is an electrical energy and we use it to light up our house at night. Same case to ghost? People just do not learn from history?

3 thoughts on “Ghost Festival

  1. Well, the 2 parts of your story did happen to my dad and mom.

    First, the Tuaran cemetery. My dad fetched 2 ladies up the car nearby Inanam. The 2 ladies sitting behind because his friend sat next to him. He thought his friend asked him to fetch the 2 ladies because they were his friends. Indeed not, his friend just being gatal when seeing 2 ladies and asked for free-ride. When my dad sent off his friend, he asked the 2 ladies where did they stay. These ladies just giving direction without telling the exact location. You can guess where did he go….

    Next part, Japanese Cemetery. My mom did once make big business on Jap cemetery after WorldWarII. She wasn’t (and i should say, she still isn’t) afraid of anything. When she went home and slept the same day, there was a Jap ghost holding a sword wanna jab her and she screamed herself out loud. However, she couldn’t comfirm if she saw a ghost or merely in her dream.

  2. Then where happened to these two ladies? Anything unusual happened?

    One of my teacher also mentioned that he and his friends saw a headless ghost beside the road. Somehow I believe he was not lying.

    I was a bit afraid of entering the Japanese cemetery. But last week I saw a group of tourists went there. Wonder when it has become a tourist spot. 🙂

  3. They asked my dad wait for a moment as they needed to pass something to their granny. Hence, my dad followed the direction given and parked the car at a road side waiting. They went down the car. My dad was waiting inside the car and scratched his legs because of mosquitoes bite. Suddenly, he saw where he parked his car (next to the 2.5 mile cemetary). He drove off quickly and saw from his car mirror the 2 ladies running out and waving. BTW, there were about 10 boxes of moon cakes inside my dad’s back seat at that time. He bought it for moon cake festival. Maybe “they” were interested on the moon cakes. After hearing his story, i was half way eating the moon cake and wonder should i continue to eat the already “smelled” moon cakes… hihi

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