Fossil of Sabah

Sexy Tree I found the interesting tree at the left in the heritage village of Sabah Museum last Saturday. Probably I am dirty-minded, I find that the tree is very “sexy” and reminds me of something stimulating. 🙂

Talking about the Sabah Museum, I remember I went there in 1987 to look for a geologist. This was because I found a few stones that looked like fossil (See picture below. Click to see the larger photo). Long before the movie “Jurrasic Park”, I already loved to learn about dinosaurs. Early in high school, one of my ambitions was to become a fossil hunter and my dream destination was the Gobi Desert of China, a potential place where we could find fossil of undiscovered dinosaur species. Unfortunately, after knowing my target, my parents said, “What use to become a fossil hunter? No money one. You can eat fossil meh? Become an Engineer / Lawyer / Doctor lah, make $$$ bah.” (Sadly speaking, nowadays, there are still many Malaysian parents brainwash their children like this.)

After reading all the books about fossil and earth history, I knew that it was impossible to find the fossil of dinosaur because Borneo island did not exist during the dinosaur time. But I hope to find the fossil of seashell or fish. All my friends laughed at me, “You ini shock shock lah. There is no fossil in Sabah!” I went to a few mountains, dig around based on the tips written in the books, and found a few pieces of fossil. The geologist confirmed what I found was seaweed fossils. He even gave me a limestone with shell fossil on it. (I tried to find more fossil later, but I always got the similar and incomplete fossil. After I went studying overseas, I stopped this hobby.)

I displayed all the fossils in a science exhibition of my school. I didn’t win any prize, but I was happy because I proved to the people, who laughed at me, that they were wrong. From that time on, I understood if you wanted to be different, you got to prepare to hear many sneered at you. That’s why Galileo is the scientist I like the most.

6 thoughts on “Fossil of Sabah

  1. man… i hope thats not ur legs man, never remmembered them being shaved like that. did not upload the clown photos from CPS?

  2. Collecting fossil sound like an interesting and serious hobby so don’t let your dream die. It will at least make your future travel trip much more interesting with such specific purpose.

  3. interesting, Here on Sarawak also have fossil thats came from Miocene to Pliocene..what kind of fossils your found at Sabah? any fossil for trade???

  4. There are lots of fossils in Sabah. If you know where to look (Pliocene-Miocene). At KK area there are several ‘world class’ outcrops that you can scour and find fossils (Deepwater-Turbidite deposits). And there is microfossils… (foraminifera, nannofossils..) abundant from those outcrop.

  5. Bugmeister> wow, thanks for the interesting info. i was used to look around in outcrop but less time doing it nowadays.

    since u also collecting fossils, do you have any photo to show me? i m very curious.

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