Semporna 1001 Dive Sites

Funny Dive Sites in Semporna

Arab has 1,001 Nights of fascinating tales, and Semporna of Sabah also has 1,001 amazing and hmmm.. funny dive sites. I saw the the impressive signboard below at New Tourist Jetty in Bangau-Bangau, a few Kilometres from Semporna town. I was laughing when I browse through the 1,001 names of dive sites.

Semporna 1,001 Dive Sites
Pic: you can click the picture above to see the name list

Normally a dive site is named after its characteristics, so people can guess what a dive site has, for example, Turtle Sanctuary, Table Coral Highway, Frogfish Frenzy, Stingray City, Eel Garden and Sea Fan Wall. However, most names of following dive sites don’t make sense to me. If you have dived there before, please tell me why they pick such names, there might be a reason behind LOL.

Things in House

No. 652. The Toilet Seat
No. 259. Bedroom
No. 773. The Washing Machine
No. 267. The Ceiling Fan
No. 286. Dinner Table
No. 352. The Window
No. 674. The Surgeons Table
No. 600. The Trash Can
No. 456. The Beer Bottle
No. 627. Wine Bottle
No. 877. The Cooking Pot
No. 893. The Tea Bag
No. 532. The Tea Cup
No. 883. Pocket Knife
No. 624. The Guitar

Food & Beverages

No. 214. 100 Plus
No. 631. Sushi King
No. 249. Bird’s Nest
No. 527. Fish Ball
No. 238. Prawn Soup
No. 524. Coconut Slope
No. 635. Meatball Madness
No. 697. Hot Potato
No. 985. Lunch Box
No. 806. Noodle Place
No. 604. Chew on This


Haha.. None for White House?

Tour package to Kota Kinabalu

No. 320. Hotel California
No. 434. Petronas Tower
No. 931. Silicon Valley
No. 580. Sahara
No. 802. Supermarket
No. 531. Tawau Town
No. 104. Great Wall
No. 517 Seahorse Race Course
No. 110. Cleaning Station
No. 585. The Junkyard
No. 651. Top of the World
No. 626. Water Fall
No. 685. The Beginning
No. 679. The End

For Adventurers

These dive sites sound scary and dangerous. It might be thrilling to some divers though.

No. 595. House of Horrors
No. 523. The Devil’s Door
No. 212. Devil’s Doorway
No. 114. Lost World
No. 396. Freakshow
No. 983. Stress Test
No. 461. The Challenge
No. 317. Crazy Currents
No. 356. Adventure Playground
No. 599. The Freak Show
No. 961. After Shock
No. 976. Bad Boy Reef
No. 550. Kampung Krazy (Crazy Village)
No. 568. Hati Hati (Be Careful)
No. 810. Awas (Watch Out)

Movie & Story

No. 332. Clash of the Titans
No. 362. The Abyss
No. 702. The Rock
No. 720. Alice in Waterland
No. 168. The Titanic
No. 513. The Chicken Run

Popular Characters

Hope they will name one for Lady Gaga too, haha.

No. 302. Pokemon
No. 381. Spongebob
No. 82. Romeo

Sound Fun

These names make me curious and want to explore.

No. 536. It’s a Kind of Magic
No. 264. Gold Diggers Dream
No. 309. Stairway to Heaven
No. 824. Take a Peek Point
No. 384. Super Bowl
No. 561. Treasure Trove
No. 466. Emperor’s Palace
No. 633. Tunnels of Love
No. 634. Eye Candy
No. 152. Hanging Garden
No. 199. Black Pearl
No. 663. Diamond Rocks
No. 415. Divers Paradise
No. 403. Bubble Bath


No. 379. Orangutan Forest
No. 541. Crocodile Alley
No. 684. Flying Fox


I don’t know what these names are trying to tell us. Funny anyway..

No. 179. Up to You
No. 517. Don’t Blink
No. 950. Look Around
No. 209. Jumpa Lagi (See You)
No. 397. Jalan Jalan (Walk Around)
No. 688. Apa? (What?)


I assume these are good spots for underwater photography.

No. 258, 707. Photo Heaven
No. 265. Photo Fantastic
No. 582. Picture Point
No. 943. The Pictureaque Place
No. 890. Photo Moto

Dive sites of Semporna
Pic: 1,001 dive sites on map
Each magenta dot is a dive site but it is not labelled. I think it means to impress only.

Kapalai House Reef
Kapalai House Reef
Pic: one of the Semporna dive sites I really like is the Kapalai House Reef of Kapalai Island. The Kapalai Island Resort has luxury accommodation for people, as well as chalets for the fishes. This man-made underwater structure does attract a lot of marine lives, and they see the fish population grows.

Below are the dive sites of popular islands in Semporna FYI.

Dive sites of Sipadan Island
Pic: Sipadan Island

Dive sites of Mabul Island
Pic: Mabul Island

Dive sites of Kapalai Island
Pic: Kapalai Island

Dive sites of Siamil and Danawan Islands
Pic: Siamil and Danawan Islands

Scuba diving map guide pamphlet of Sabah and Labuan
Dive map of Sabah and Labuan. You can download the pamphlet here.

Do you know any other interesting dive sites? Please share with me.

Photos taken in Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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