Sabah sunset

Dining with Sabah Sunset at Sky Blu Bar

Kota Kinabalu city (KK) has one of the best sunset views in the world. Some tourists even nickname KK as the Sunset City. Being a local who has been enjoying free sunset, a recent visit to Sky Blu Bar made me realized that being at the right place with the right people could give you a far better “sunset experience.”

sunset at Sky Blu Bar
I don’t work for Grandis Hotel, the owner of Sky Blu Bar. The discovery of Sky Blu Bar is by accident. Last week I was dragged by my friends to this place after a conference. Actually I was reluctant to go because my stomach was still full of hotel food. Grandis Hotel is in Suria Sabah Shopping Mall. We took the elevator to its roof top. The sun just started to sink and I was stunned by the view.

sunset view from Sky Blu Bar
Our first reaction is to rush to take photos of the golden sunset. The view of sunset is not the same in different locations of KK. In most places, the view is obstructed by hill, trees, tall building or electrical wires. Sky Blu Bar is on 13th floor, a high point that allows my sight totally filled with panoramic view of sunset, sea and islands.

sunset view at roof top of Grandis Hotels & Resorts
Sky Blu Bar is quite new but most of the best seats were occupied and we were lucky to find a seat. Though I wish I can keep this place as a secret, I’m sure it’ll become a hot spot in KK city centre very soon when many visitors show off their selfie with such killer view in social media. Hope other KK hotels with tall building will construct sunset bars too.

sunset of South China Sea
Pic: sunset in South China Sea (Click to zoom in)

Besides South China Sea and Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, from there, you can see KK city at your left and Sabah port at your right.

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sunset over Manukan Island
Pic: sunset over Manukan Island, with the sea gleamed with warm sunlight. The sinking point varies throughout the year.

sunset in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park
Pic: another sunset photo taken in different day.

Sabah is in tropical region so sunny weather is not always guaranteed every day. You only have 40% to 50% chance of seeing the orange yolk dipping into the ocean. In other times, it is covered by dense cloud. In short, you need luck.

reflection of sunset on table
Pic: the reflection of sunset on the glass table top

dinner at Sky Blu Bar
After the sunset was over, people turned their head to the plate and enjoyed the dinner with purple-tinged sky at the background

There are 80 seats on first come first serve basis, so you better be there earlier to grab a spot for best sunset view.

Sky Blu Bar during dusk
There are two sections. The open space with about 30 seats offers the best view of the sea and sunset, but it is exposed to rain and sunlight. It is also quite dim after dark. I asked for candle but they said they didn’t have it (really?). You may need to bring your own candle if you plan to have a romantic candlelight dinner.

Sky Blu Bar
Another section is under the roof and close to a bar. They also play pop songs music to create more lively ambience.

seats with sunset view
Pic: a corner where you can see sunset and city night views

Sky Blu Bar of Grandis Hotels & Resorts

swimming pool of Sky Blu Bar
There are two swimming pools next to the bar, one for adult and another one for children (about 0.6 Meter in depth)

Food & Drink

I’m impressed with the variety of food & beverages at Sky Blu Bar. The price is quite affordable too. A set dish, which comes with drink, costs about RM35 (≈US$11). If you order only food or non-alcoholic drink, most cost less than RM20 (≈US$6.50). The bar also has Happy Hours rate.

Pic: chicken and beef satay, tender and delicious

You can order finger food or stomach filler. Just to name some: salad (from RM13, ≈US$4), seafood (from RM13), pasta (from RM17, ≈US$5), burger, noodle, satay (skewer), dessert (from RM15, ≈US$4.60), etc.

grilled corn and chicken
I was quite happy with their food and had couple of beer. It’s really a wonderful feeling to be there with my friends.

For drink, there are beer, cocktail (from RM23, ≈US$7), mocktail (from RM17, ≈US$5), fruit juice (from RM13, ≈US$4), red/white wine (from RM23 per glass), champagne (from RM318, ≈US$97), whisky (from RM13), Vodka, RUM, Tequila, etc. Yes, tea, coffee and soft drink are available too (from RM12, ≈US$3.70). Want the most expensive liquor? Order Hennessy XO for RM1,283 (≈US$392).

*price is inclusive of government tax and well, you know, subject to change in future

More Info

Sky Blu Bar is located on 13th floor / roof top (they name it “R” floor) of Grandis Hotels & Resorts. The bar opens from 11am to 12am every day.

night view of Kota Kinabalu city

view of Sabah Port and Jesselton Point from Sky Blu Bar

Below is their contact:
Facebook: HotelGrandis
Twitter: HotelGrandis
Phone: +60 88-522888
Address (see Location Map): Grandis Hotels and Resorts, Suria Sabah Shopping Mall 1, Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Photos taken in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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