Dance Carnival, Papar (Aug 12, 2006)

It has been a long time I don’t blog. When I looked at all my unpublished photos yesterday, I was surprised how weak my memory is. Even though I can’t blog in regular basis, I think it is still a good idea to keep a record of what I photograph before I forget all the story behind. Another reason is that I still see many traffic generated from my old blog. If this site serves the online community well, probably I can spend minimal time to inject new content occassionally.

I went to the traditional Dance Carnival held on August 12 in Papar. The show was performed from 8PM to 11PM. Usually I am very reluctant to take pictures at night. The main reason is that the maximum light sensitivity of my camera is ISO400 (SLR can handle ISO800, 1600… with minimum noise). If the pictures are taken under low light and far distance, 70% will turn out blur, underexposed and grainy. Rather than disappointed by the outcome, might be better sleep at home. Well, I went anyway. You say “Buy a SLR lah”? Talk2 easy lah. Camera + len kits may cost around RM3,000. Don’t forget the extra batteries, charger, memory cards, filter lens, flash, bag… easily another 2K already.

What excited me was that I got the photos of indigenous groups from East Coast (Sukau / Kinabatangan / Tawau districts), namely, Orang Sungai and Orang Tidung. I also watched the performance of KadazanDusun, Bajau, Murut, Dusun Segama, Bisaya, Dusun Tatana, Orang Brunei, Lundayeh… What impressed me was the headgear of Murut Nabai from Keningau, as the picture below:

Papar Dance Carnival
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As expected, most of my photos were blur. Below is a OK picture, which shows part of the acting in a dance by Orang Brunei.

Papar Dance Carnival
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Tour package to Semporna

Papar Dance Carnival
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I will blog again if time permitted.

8 thoughts on “Dance Carnival, Papar (Aug 12, 2006)

  1. Welcome back!

    Another blog idea that you could do and I wanted to do myself that havent had the time, the energy nor the motivation: check out the news entry about “gravity hill” on Kimanis-Keningau road (was reported in Borneo Post some time ago).

  2. consider registering your blog at (blogroll for sabahans) and to autoping (blogroll for malaysians).

    and do some tweaking to your ads.

    for the kind of of traffic that you’re getting, i’m sure you’ll get money coming.

    eg, earning > RM3,000/mth from adsense alone.

  3. damn.. i was there that night! hahaha! if only i know you, sure i’ll find you and ask for your autograph.. 🙂

    i took videos during the event, until now i havent publish it to the net.. sure i’ll share the footage with you when ive uploaded it somewhere..

    P/S: Abu Bakar Ellah rawks that nite!

  4. yoyoyo! finally, 5 months after the event, baru aku upload.. hahhhahaha! here’s the full clip of Abu Bakar Ellah singing Orang Kita (the screenshot above). enjoy!

    P/S: Bro, do you know the sumandak who sang “sumandak kinabalu” that night? i cant recognize her, is that clarice? coz i got her full clip for the song too, let me know the name so i can upload it to youtube.. 🙂

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