10 Traffic Items that Don’t Work in Sabah – Part 2 of 2

Continued from Part 1

Item 6. Zebra Crossing
Since young, my mom already taught me, “DO NOT trust zebra line! If you walk on it, the ghost will catch you!” I took her words seriously so I survive until today. It reminds me of a TV scene of a group of zebra crossing the river and got attacked by fierce crocodiles. Keep in mind, Sabah drivers only give way to cows. Other living things such as dogs, cats, lizards, rats, human… must give way to cars, if they don’t want to become a flat object on the road, running over and over by the cars. I have seen so many times the drivers honked the people who tried to cross the zebra lines.


Item 7. Speed Limit Label
What is this label for ah? Can someone explain why the vehicles with this label fly like wind on the road? They can overtake me easily, even though I drive at 90++KM/H. Impressive. Probably the design of our speed meters are different.

Item 8. “Berhenti” Sign
By right, if you reach this sign, you must STOP totally, no matter there is other car crossing or not. You will 100% fail the driving test, or kena fined, if you don’t follow this rule in other countries.

Item 9. Lines
I already forgot what they mean. You may ask the mini bus drivers who like to Berhenti-Henti.

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Item 10. Yellow Light
Technically, Yellow light means STOP. But in Sabah, it means “SPEED UP!!! GO! GO!! GO!!!” If you try to stop, the old uncle driver behind will honk you (Sorry, my life and safety are more important, so I don’t care how fucking pissed off you are. You won’t pay for my medical bill anyway).


Due to all the factors I mentioned, the ambulance may not able to rescue us on time, if anything happens. Take care buddy. OH, BTW!!! Did I tell you that the emergency lane is not working well too?

8 thoughts on “10 Traffic Items that Don’t Work in Sabah – Part 2 of 2

  1. Another annoying is when traffic light broke down, sure you have deadlock in less than 5 min, followed by honk orchestra.

  2. The zebra crossing at Jln Damai near Tshung Tsin School is also dangerous. The kids there don’t even bother to look left nor right, and would sometimes just simply run across.. which would result the drivers to emergency brake (even though they drive quite slow). I think if the kids were to just walk across slowly, AND look left & right, I’m sure everything would be OK (kids get to cross safely; drivers don’t have to worry about their cars being hit from behind from their emergency brake stint). Kids these days.. Those who go to that school, or use that crossing, please take note!

  3. The zebra crossing beside Center Point Sabah’s Public Bank from my point of view is VERY WRONGLY BUILD, instead of zebra crossing they should build an over head bridge such as KK Plaza, those people that crossing the road think they are made of steel, most of the time, walk slowly, chit chat in the middle of the zebra, worst is 1 walk in front 1 walk behind quite a distance, then the front one PURPOSELY walk back to meet the behind one and walk together.

  4. heck.. have u seen budak langgar kereta or not?? belive it or not.. it actually happend to a tshung tsin student sometime back.. did not look where they were going and hit a car.
    i dont think the road signs work much in MALAYSIA, not just sabah

  5. I’ve seen Security langgar Van.. When sum stranger smug the old ladies handbag in City Parade Centre Point. THe Security trying to catch the robber but end up langgar the Van.

    That was few years back then.

  6. All i want to say it, when u drive in the School Zone, no matter what hv happen or what is going on either the students not look left & right when crossing or the drivers drive slow, if comes to an accident which car hit down a student & the student die, it will put the driver into jail for 5 yrs mandatory~!! So, if u dun hv kids to pick up at School, just away from School area when it is off school time.

  7. This is happen around the world, educated in USA i guess u shud know better. why bring this little story at ur Borneo blog (mysabah)

    to tell outsiders that borneo people are stupid ? come on, i totally disagree with this and that.

    as i told you if you want to post something bad. create another site. not here. or change ur site meta tag.

    are u US Citizen ? if yess then we sabahan shud stop visiting your so called blogs. which recieved half million visitor a month?

    can we have some good story of sabahan? mxing it wont help. buddy. come on!

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