Toilet Signs

In Papar, I found a toilet that disallow people do number 1. πŸ™‚
Toilet Sign

The toilet sign (in Tambunan) below sounds better, though I don’t quite understand what it is trying to say. There is another funny toilet sign “Move Closer. It is SHORTER than you think,” but I don’t have the photo.
Toilet Sign

Someone said the public toilet can reflect how civilised are the people in a country. So far I totally agree with such statement. There are two types of toilets – squat and seat types. To be honest, I try to avoid using seat type toilet in public toilet, as the seat always got water, urine, footprint… on it.

5 thoughts on “Toilet Signs

  1. Huh, nice one..i have one conclusion about you.

    You really have loads and plenty of times to talk about others people dark side? and..others story that is all people aware of.

    and this another story to show how bad is borneo? and PAPAR town? this is disgusting cant u say nice things about sabah?

    the people? the place? the culture? the foods? oh my goodness, come get some life. if your blog are meant to condem sabahan and its lifestyle i guess you should get back to US.

    i remember i guess you wrote somtin (US educated) ??

    give us (sabahan) a break.

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  3. well, i hope some YBs of Papar will stumble upon your blog and take the initiative to remedy the situation.

  4. Hi,

    About the author Smoke Head likes to talk bad about sabah. Well he is that type of Chinese. Let him be.

    I know Smoke Head well. He came from a low class Hakka family.

    Hakka people are very negative people because they were once farmers and labourers in China and North Borneo (today Sabah). Unhappy that the other people are enjoying progress and success, the Hakka remain in low lavel in the society. As a result they became very unhappy about their leaders, unsupportive to their Government and negative on new things.

    Well let them be like that.


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