Puu Jih Buddhist Temple, Sandakan

Puu Jih Buddhist Temple The next 360° Panoramic Virtual Tour that I would like to introduce is the Puu Jih Buddhist Temple, which is the highest temple in Sandakan. This is the second time I visit Puu Jih Temple. The first visit was more than 10 years ago, but I could not forget the breathtaking view of Sandakan Bay from there. For me, the whole building, from the door to the roof, is like a piece of art. The outstanding artwork is nicely integrated into the great scenery.

Inside you feel the greatness of the Buddha, when you walk outside, you feel the greatness of the world, then you feel great, haha.. Just a few hundreds meters away from Puu Jih Temple, there is a Di Zhang (God of Earth) Temple, which is surrounded by sky, mountains and forest. Really a nice concept. Puu Jih Temple is just a few KM away from Sandakan city. If you plan to take a city tour, you must not miss this attractive spot.

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Photos taken in Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

5 thoughts on “Puu Jih Buddhist Temple, Sandakan

  1. I took a taxi to get there (they drop you right in front of the temple) coz it only costed a few RM. If you go there by bus, they will drop you at the foothill and you have to walk up about 1 KM, to get to the temple.

    When I left, I went to the foothill to take a bus back to Sandakan and that costed me only RM0.60.

  2. yes.. firefox and netscape do lack alot of the components needed to view some functions on webpages lately.
    i will try check the place out on my trip next week to sandakan… got to see it for my self

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