Linangkit Cultural Village

Linangkit Cultural Village, mysterious past of Lotud people

Linangkit Cultural Village (LCV) is located in Kampung Selupoh (Selupoh Village) in Tuaran, about 40 minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu. Linangkit is a unique form of needle work and handmade decorative embroidery using interlacing knots. It is used to decorate and join seams by Lotud, who is a sub-ethnic of Kadazandusun and have a population of nearly 10,000, most reside around Tamparuli, Telipok and Tuaran areas.

Entrance of Linangkit Cultural Village

LCV offers a platform to display the colorful culture and mystical history of Lotud tribe. Lotud is very famous in their skillful weaving, and personally I think their traditional dress is one of the most beautiful and elegant costumes in Sabah. That’s why the Lotud dress is the favorite choice for beauties who compete in the annual Harvest Festival Queen beauty pageant (Unduk Ngadau).

Lady in Lotud dress
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With striking red, gold, silver, white and black colors of the dress, Lotud girls always become the center of attention and most photographed target in any cultural fair.

Girls in Lotud costumes
Young Lotud girl

Tour package to Danum Valley

Same as other indigenous people of Sabah, Lotud people also live in longhouse, but the difference is – each Lotud longhouse only hosts one family. The longhouse in LCV is in fact a “treasure house” with many antique items of Lotud people.

Lotud longhouse

Linangkit Cultural Village (LCV) is open daily from 9am to 6pm for tourists, but you are advised to contact them (Tel: +60 88-787382, Mobile: +6013-8803738 / +6012-8667236 (Mrs. Alice Tee Jilan)) at least 3 hours in advance to make prior arrangement (for guided tour, food, cultural show, etc.).

Linangkit Cultural Village
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You may watch the video below to look at the surrounding of LCV.

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Upon arrival, you will be taken to a traditional Dusun Lotud longhouse, where you could gain better understanding of the culture and the lifestyle of the Lotud. The house has a good collection of ritual tools used by Tantagas, the traditional priestesses of Lotud. Nowadays, many indigenous people are converted to Christians and Muslims, so the mystical practices is gradually fading.

Linangkit Cultural Village

There are many interesting items inside the longhouse. A guide will tell you the story behind each item. Actually, they don’t allow photo taking in exhibition area, so I only list a few here…

Gusi jars
For example, the hundred-year-old “Gusi” jars above are for housing the spirits of the ancestors. Lotud would appease them regularly. Many heard strange noise or human voice in the jars at night.

Guided tour
Above: an accessory for warrior. They believe this gives them strength and magical power.

Lotud ritual tool
Above: a symbolic ritual tool used by Tantagas as a “torchlight” to see in “other” world.

Above: Lotud was once a headhunter. Each hair cluster means one head.

Old furniture in Linangkit Cultural Village
Above: they have good collection of old decor and items, which remind me of the era of my grandfather.

There are lot more stuffs. I’ll let you to find out there.

Longest Linangkit
Above: they also have the longest linangkit in Malaysia.
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Trying out betel nut
By the way, do not forget to chew some betel nuts and smoke the local tobacco, to perfect your cultural adventure.

Activity hall of Linangkit Cultural Village
Sumayau dance of Lotud
Lotud couple
After the tour in longhouse, depend on your package, they may take you to the activity hall to watch cultural show and enjoy local delicacies.

Traditional Lotud food
Tea break
Traditional Lotud food
You will love the delicious food at LCV.
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As I am always attracted by pretty Lotud girls, they teach me how to spot a single by looking at their costumes. Look at the photos below. You may flirt with the Lotud girls that wear belt that has no black color (first photo).
Lotud dress

But if you see black color in their belt, that means she is not available (see photo below).
Lotud dress

Please visit Linangkit Cultural Village to see the most beautiful tribe of Sabah today!

Group photo of Lotud dancers
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Photos taken in Tuaran, Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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