Fermented Fish

Fermented Fishes On the way to Ranau, I saw these “Geruk?” (fermented fish) for sale in the stalls at the roadside. The locals mix the raw fish, rice, chilli, mushroom and lime together, and let them fermented. And we can eat it without cooking it. I heard someone said that it tasted sour. I don’t mean to offend, but that reminds me of the “expired sour rice” so I still am not that adventurous to try it. For those of you who have tried this delicacy, probably you can share your experience. I can take salty fish, so I should have no problem accepting it right..

Fermented Fishes

5 thoughts on “Fermented Fish

  1. Oh, come on! It wouldn’t harm you to try it. It’s actually called ‘bosou’ by the Kadazan Dusun. I’ve been eating this since childhood and no harm done to the system, in fact we serve on kaamatan or bambarayon. You should try it.

  2. They should export this stuffs to our area in Tawau, I’ll try, it looks great to me. Great pictures taken!!

  3. They should export this stuffs to our area in Tawau, I’m sure most of Malay people will love it.
    I tried worst than this one. ummmmmmm…

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